AP French Students Explore ‘Charlie Archive’ in Boston

AP French students explore Harvard University’s ‘Charlie Archive’ in Boston.

Susan Michalski’s AP French class took a field trip Friday to the exposition of Harvard University’s “Charlie Archive” at the French Cultural Center in Boston. Students spent the day immersed entirely in French.

The exposition contained 50+ framed artworks inspired by the January 2015 attacks of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office in Paris. In addition, there was a collection of iPads each filled with thousands of digital images of “Je suis Charlie” tributes of all kind, from social media to poetry to street art from around the world. Historians, French and American, spoke on video of the larger importance of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Photos courtesy of Ms. Michalski
Photos courtesy of Ms. Michalski

The AP French students, currently studying global issues—or, in French, “Défis Mondiaux”—as part of the AP Curriculum, have been most recently delving into the issues freedom of press and expression. As a culmination of their work, each student will prepare a 5- to 10-minute presentation of the exposition image which is most pertinent to her in today’s world, touching upon the political climates in both the U.S. and France.

Following the exposition, the immersion continued at the restaurant Menton, Boston, where the class enjoyed a learning lunch, kitchen-side, at the restaurant’s “table de chef,” complete with a French speaking host.


Classics Day Immerses Wildcats in Ancient Cultures

Rob Champigny '18 with another great leader, Augustus
Rob Champigny ’18 with another great leader, Augustus

Classics Day brings together students of Latin from around the Pioneer Valley who, for one day, immerse themselves in the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. The annual event is organized and hosted by the Pioneer Valley Classics Association and held at Mount Holyoke College in nearby South Hadley, Massachusetts.

On January 20, Williston students were among 341 attendees at the event. Classics Day spurred student imaginations and inspired Wildcats to spend hours working on projects that were rewarded with 10 prizes. A remarkable example: One student, Gabe Moon ’18, taught himself metal working so he could create a prize-winning replica of a Roman helmet.

Gabe Moon '18 taught himself metal working to create this prize-winning Roman helmet.
Gabe Moon ’18 taught himself metal working to create this prize-winning Roman helmet.

In addition to competing and attending workshops on Roman games, gladiators, curse tablets and coins, among other topics, students toured the collection of Roman daily life objects in the Mount Holyoke College Museum and had the chance to examine 2000-year-old coins first hand with the curators.

Students won prizes in every category they entered: art (models, military, drawing, sculpture), certamen (Latin “quiz bowl”), and oral recitation (Greek poetry and advanced level prose). Here are the winners:

  • Honors Latin II (Oscar DeFrancis ’20, Julia Farnham ’20, Dylan Fulcher-Melendy ’20, Nat Markey ’20):
    • first place, Latin II certamen
    • third place, myth certamen
  • Julia Farnham, second place drawing
  • Dylan Fulcher-Melendy, third place model
  • Jason Albanese ’20 and Eric Albanese ’20, first place model
  • Lauren Solzak ’20, third place military
  • Gabe Moon, first place military
  • Kevin O’Sullivan ’18, third place advanced oral interpretation (prose)
  • Anabelle Farnham ’18, second place Greek oral interpretation
  • Jimin Lee ’20, third place sculpture
Students inspect 2000-year-old coins.
Students inspect 2000-year-old coins.

“Classics Day is a wonderful opportunity for our students to join a wider community of young Classicists in a grand celebration of Latin and the ancient world,” said Beatrice Cody, Latin teacher and head of the Language Department.

She continued: “Classics Day allows our students to show off the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired during their study of Latin. For example, our Level II certamen team won first-place in their competition with the knowledge they’ve amassed about Latin vocabulary, grammar, history, culture and myth. It also allows our students to explore more deeply an area of interest, and to showcase their wide-ranging talents. Anabelle Farnham, for example, has been studying Greek for the past three years and had the opportunity to demonstrate her

The quiz-bowl team blows off some steam.
The quiz-bowl team blows off some steam.

powerful memory and oratorical skill by reciting a Greek passage. For their three-tiered first prize model, Eric and Jason Albanese were able to revisit and explore the powerful symbolism of some myths they enjoyed studying in Latin class. Gabe Moon taught himself metal-working and created a first-prize Roman helmet from items in his kitchen—a mixing bowl and broom bristles. New students entered the contest for the first time—Jimin Lee and Lauren Solzak—and won prizes with their impressive artistic skill and careful study of ancient artistic iconography and design. It is so rewarding for our Latin students (and their teachers!) to be given this opportunity for creativity and excellence—and we couldn’t be prouder of them all for their heartfelt participation today.”

Williston Students Named to Trimester 1 Honor Roll

kids-studyingWhen you see the following Wildcats—all 303 of them—please give them your heartiest congratulations! In making the honor roll for Trimester 1, they have made tremendous academic achievements, and we are so proud of them.

Ninth graders:

  • Wing Shum Chan, Honors
  • Katherine Borden, Honors
  • Julia Farnham High, Honors
  • Adam Johnsrud, Honors
  • Conrad Kang, High Honors
  • Joe Rees, Honors
  • Kenneth Wang, High Honors
  • Dylan Fulcher-Melendy, High Honors
  • William Gunn, High Honors
  • Matthew Seltzer, High Honors
  • Abby Seltzer, High Honors
  • Jonathan Toth, High Honors
  • Connor Cavanagh, Honors
  • Louisa Weed, Honors
  • Oscar DeFrancis, High Honors
  • Alex Marwaha, High Honors
  • Anya Rozario, High Honors
  • Lila Schaefer, High Honors
  • Rider Bishop, High Honors
  • Nathaniel Markey, High Honors
  • Luke Po, High Honors
  • Connor Touhey, Honors
  • Abigael Hunter, Honors
  • Aidan Bourbonnais, Honors
  • Ciara Tapanes, High Honors
  • Kyle Grabowski, High Honors
  • Sabrina Serricchio, Honors
  • Mary Kate O’Brien, High Honors
  • Noah Brooks, Honors
  • Rachel Goodman, High Honors
  • Sam Haddad, Honors
  • Anna Moran, High Honors
  • Margaret Strange, High Honors
  • Eric Albanese, High Honors
  • Jason Albanese, High Honors
  • Madison Cardaci, Honors
  • Riley Roche, Honors
  • Nina Renkert, Honors
  • Finlay MacDonald, High Honors
  • Jamison O’Malley, Honors
  • Huong Nguyen, Honors
  • Tian Xing Wang, High Honors
  • Hana Tsukamoto, Honors
  • Panut Sawatyanon, High Honors
  • Britanie Acurio, Honors
  • Yi-Cheng Huang, High Honors
  • Ying Hsuan Tu, High Honors
  • Jun Hong Park, Honors
  • Changhyun Seo, High Honors
  • Jiakai Long, High Honors
  • Jiaxin Ji, High Honors
  • Keyu Lu, Honors
  • Jonathan Edwards, Honors
  • Toyokazu Sato, Honors
  • Zeyu Wang, High Honors
  • Casey Feins, Honors
  • Bao Pham, Honors
  • Bryn Saarela, Honors
  • Katherine Sherer, High Honors
  • Yael Trager, Honors

10th graders:

  • Joseph Robbins, Honors
  • Aizoelegbe Okaisabor, Honors
  • Kohmei Kadoya, High Honors
  • Dora Gordon, High Honors
  • Emily Warren, High Honors
  • Kira Bixby, High Honors
  • Gregory Iverson, Honors
  • Aidan Burke, Honors
  • Robert Hill, High Honors
  • Catherine King, High Honors
  • Donald Poulin, High Honors
  • John Spence, High Honors
  • Emily Whipple, Honors
  • Aidan McCreary, High Honors
  • Ryan Dwyer, High Honors
  • Abigail Coscia, Honors
  • Gavin Girardin, High Honors
  • Christopher Denham, Honors
  • Annika Johnson, Honors
  • Sabrina Jia Xin Shao, High Honors
  • Caleb Stern, High Honors
  • Anna Willems, High Honors
  • Eleanor Wolfe, High Honors
  • Magnolia Armstrong, High Honors
  • Julia Cavanaugh, Honors
  • Madeleine Elsea, High Honors
  • Karen Janocha, High Honors
  • Molly Solan, Honors
  • Kassandra Orcutt, Honors
  • Nicholas Barber, High Honors
  • Rachel Burke, High Honors
  • Ethan Bradway, High Honors
  • Erin Daley, Honors
  • Virginia Kozikowski, Honors
  • Sally Amara Alrutz, High Honors
  • Wyatt Wegrzyn, High Honors
  • Stella Piasecki, Honors
  • Claire Harrison, High Honors
  • Maura Holden, Honors
  • Timothy Rego, High Honors
  • Caroline DiFiore, Honors
  • Christopher Ramirez, High Honors
  • Daniel Kissane, Honors
  • Walter Kissane, High Honors
  • Steven Townley, High Honors
  • Chelsea Clark, Honors
  • Ella Goodman, Honors
  • Ha Phan, Honors
  • Hoang Dang, Honors
  • Kantaratt Phentrakul, Honors
  • Sophie Little, Honors
  • Graham Allardyce, High Honors
  • Kate Quimby, Honors
  • Seoyoung Cho, High Honors
  • Insoo Kang, High Honors
  • Seungwoo Kim, High Honors
  • Rio Oshima, Honors
  • Jiacheng Shen, High Honors
  • Jiashu Xie, High Honors
  • Yoshika Annabelle, Honors
  • Kevin Lassman, Honors
  • Brooke Smith, Honors
  • Alexis Parker, Honors
  • Qixuan Wang, High Honors
  • Emilio Servin, Honors
  • Lin Yen, High Honors
  • Tayah Sommer, High Honors
  • Eunyul Han, Honors

11th graders:

  • Matthew Nguyen, High Honors
  • Atahomon Okaisabor, Honors
  • Emma Lehrer, High Honors
  • Anabelle Farnham, High Honors
  • Dohee Kim, Honors
  • Roya Mostafavi, High Honors
  • Emily Rosenberry, High Honors
  • Fiona Bundy, High Honors
  • Timothy Fay, High Honors
  • Madison Fulcher-Melendy, High Honors
  • Couper Gunn, Honors
  • Henry Poehlein, Honors
  • Eleanor Scott, Honors
  • Robert Champigny, Honors
  • Gabriela Jones, Honors
  • Jack Phelan, Honors
  • Joshua Holmberg, Honors
  • Caroline Channell, High Honors
  • Gabriel Moon, Honors
  • Ana Weed, High Honors
  • Sophie Weed, High Honors
  • Joshua Calianos, High Honors
  • Sophia Schaefer, High Honors
  • William Lane, Honors
  • Natalie Romain, High Honors
  • Maya Soley, Honors
  • Sophia Carellas, Honors
  • Lydia Pollard, High Honors
  • Brooke Leveillee, High Honors
  • Kathryn Most, High Honors
  • Bryan Soder, Honors
  • Victoria Zingarelli, Honors
  • Anna Harvey, High Honors
  • A’Shaela Chaires, Honors
  • Brandyn Jones, Honors
  • Mika Sovjani, Honors
  • Victoria Palumbo, Honors
  • David Janoschek, Honors
  • Connor Power, High Honors
  • Aidenne Alden, High Honors
  • William Smith, Honors
  • Gabriella Dicomitis, Honors
  • Kevin O’Sullivan, Honors
  • Hanzhang Zhao, High Honors
  • Elise Dunn, Honors
  • Jordan Strum, Honors
  • Caleb Cost, Honors
  • Sara Renkert, High Honors
  • Elizabeth Cuevas, Honors
  • Keilly Moncada, High Honors
  • Oliver Lawrence, High Honors
  • Harrison Winrow, Honors
  • A’kayla Williams, Honors
  • Brendan Hansen, Honors
  • Kyle Caddo, Honors
  • Anh Vu, Honors
  • Yana Pyryalina, High Honors
  • Triniti Slaughter, High Honors
  • Papa-Sam Essuman, Honors
  • Marielle McHale, Honors
  • Momoka Oda, Honors
  • Toshiki Ayabe, Honors
  • Elin Blomquist, Honors
  • Liangyi Wu, Honors
  • Jiaxuan Chen, Honors
  • Wangchen Zhou, High Honors
  • Fuka Iwama, Honors
  • Junya Ozaki, Honors
  • Maria Warlick, Honors
  • Shana Hecht, Honors
  • Minh Nguyen, Honors
  • Danielle Marquez, Honors
  • George Goodhead, High Honors
  • Connor Canterbury, Honors
  • Sabrina Liew, High Honors
  • Xavier Thibault, High Honors

12th graders and Postgraduates:

  • Eniola Ikuku, High Honors
  • Eason Law, Honors
  • Zachary Robbins, High Honors
  • Alara Akisik, Honors
  • Henning Fischel, High Honors
  • Michael Warren, High Honors
  • Tyler Greenwood, High Honors
  • Owen King, Honors
  • Ava McElhone Yates, High Honors
  • Cameron Ward, Honors
  • Lindsay Whipple, High Honors
  • Emily Yeager, High Honors
  • Molly Zawacki, High Honors
  • Nicholas Randolph, High Honors
  • Natalie Richard, High Honors
  • Olivia Bonavita, Honors
  • Noah DeVos, High Honors
  • Sarah Marion, Honors
  • Gabriella Mercier, High Honors
  • Sima Gandevia, High Honors
  • Michael Mieczkowski, Honors
  • Matthew Otting, High Honors
  • Christopher Young, Honors
  • Cody Cavanagh, Honors
  • Nehamya Nascimento, High Honors
  • Emma Morehouse-Hulbert, High Honors
  • Parker Sweet, High Honors
  • Natalie Aquadro, High Honors
  • Nicholas Hill, High Honors
  • Kiran Marwaha, Honors
  • Samuel Greeman, High Honors
  • Ian Ostberg, High Honors
  • Anna Wilinsky, High Honors
  • Caitlin Keefe, High Honors
  • Gabrielle Record, High Honors
  • Saul Blain, High Honors
  • Makenna Hambley, Honors
  • Rida Kareem, Honors
  • Hannah Baker, High Honors
  • Devin DeVerry, High Honors
  • Emma Reynolds, High Honors
  • Alexander Bzdel, Honors
  • Arvin Fieldman, High Honors
  • Emily LeRolland, Honors
  • Natalie Fontenot, High Honors
  • Tomasz Paluchowski, High Honors
  • David Fitch, Honors
  • William Ashenden, High Honors
  • Jacob Zaranek, Honors
  • Derek Zewinski, Honors
  • Leah Pezanowski, Honors
  • Vasilios Fokas, Honors
  • Nicholas Schofield, Honors
  • Steven Gower, Honors
  • Jordan Sansone, High Honors
  • Alexander Foster, High Honors
  • Caroline Musicant, High Honors
  • Owen Sylvia, Honors
  • Jin Young Lee, High Honors
  • Kelli Peters, Honors
  • Donald Battimelli, Honors
  • Destiny Nwafor, High Honors
  • Wiley Jung, High Honors
  • Long Nguyen, High Honors
  • Nam Pham, High Honors
  • Zi Dong Gao, High Honors
  • Sitai Chen, Honors
  • Andrew Spiegel, Honors
  • Erika Sasaki, High Honors
  • Joseph Shively, Honors
  • Sung Min Hong, High Honors
  • Chris Espinal, Honors
  • Jesse Cassuto, Honors
  • Jake Prossner, Honors
  • Justin Park, High Honors
  • Haruka Ikemoto, High Honors
  • Jiaying Tang, High Honors
  • Sydney Kim, Honors
  • Chia Hung Wei, Honors
  • Mary Koback, High Honors
  • Shengfu Shen, High Honors
  • Chaiwat Setwipatanachai, High Honors
  • Sarmad Mahmood, High Honors
  • Grace Quisenberry, High Honors
  • Becky Lin, Honors
  • Michael Lemme, High Honors
  • Issei Nakano, High Honors
  • Lanxi Kang, High Honors
  • Soma Mizobuchi, High Honors
  • Vy Phuong Nhat Tran, High Honors
  • Sarah Andrews, Honors
  • Alexis Ryan, High Honors
  • Francois-Xavier Kaeppelin, High Honors
  • Spencer Danforth, High Honors
  • George Lantz, High Honors
  • Michael Mahoney, Honors
  • Kyle Henseler, Honors
  • Simone Barrett, Honors
  • Alexander Gold, High Honors

Congratulations, all!

Williston Wildcat Robotics Team Battles to Victory

Williston Wildcat Robotics Club battle to victory.
Williston Wildcat Robotics battled to victory.

Nine members of the robotics club journeyed to Boston University Academy recently to participate in a VEX Competition Qualifier for the Southern New England Regional Tournament. They returned with a trophy, sharing the win with an allied team.

The tournament is played on a 12-foot by 12-foot field. Two alliances — one red and one blue — composed of two teams each, compete in matches consisting of a 15-second autonomous period followed by one minute and 45 seconds of driver-controlled play. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing alliance by placing game pieces in your zones and by hanging robots on your hanging bar.

After competing in a series of matches, teams were ranked and given priority to select alliance partners. The top-ranked team, the Mecha Eagles from Saint John’s Preparatory School, selected the Williston Wildcat Robotics to join their alliance. According to the structure of the tournament, the alliance winning two out of three matches goes on from the quarter finals to the semi-finals, and then onto the finals. The Wildcats and the Eagles went all the way to capture the win.

The following students attended: Jack Long ’20, Drew Manory ’19, Keyu Lu ’20, Rider Bishop ’20, Yana Pyryalina ’18, Matthew Nguyen ’18, Alex Marwaha ’20, Mark Wang ’20, Kohmei Kadoya ’19. Other team members did not attend the event: Nhat Ha ’20, Sarah Markey ’22, Destiny Nwafor ’17, Glede Wang ’19, and Shirley Zhou ’18.

Congratulations Wildcats!