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Beaton Brings Family History to Role as Head Football Coach

Coach B, ready for a high five

By Matt Liebowitz

So much of what makes Coach Tommy Beaton tick, and what makes his players follow his lead, is evident in a quiet moment amidst chaos: Coach B standing in the gym during a school-wide event, his infant daughter asleep, her head in the crook of his elbow. Around him, students shuffle, scream, dance, but Coach B remains still. His daughter stays asleep.

As Williston Northampton’s new Head Football Coach, Tommy Beaton projects a steadfast, quiet confidence; he’s commanding, but not in the scream-in-your-face way many top-tier coaches are portrayed in movies. This reserved power is what makes Coach B so effective.

“You know your guys get it when you don’t have to say ‘hustle,’ they just hustle,” Beaton said. Continue reading