Dig Pink with Varsity Volleyball

Hey Everyone,

Varsity Volleyball is doing a fundraiser called DIG PINK®. DIG PINK® is part of the Side-Out Foundation which is devoted to Cancer Research.

Here is the link to our campaign. Please check out the site and donate.

We will be selling a limited number of DIG PINK® t-shirts in the upcoming weeks.

On October 18th at 5:30, we have a night game against Worcester Academy. Our goal is to have everyone in the stands wearing DIG PINK® shirts or pink t-shirts.

We will have other fundraising aspects to come on campus. We’ll tell you more about them in assembly.

Please donate! If we get enough money, our coaches, Ms. Chambers and Mr. Rutherford, and manager, Mikey Lloyd, will be sporting new hairdos. Details to follow!

Liz Calderone

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