Grillin and Chillin on Saturday at 3 p.m.

My name is Andrew Liu and I am the Head Griller/ President of the Williston Northampton chapter of Grillin and Chillin. I am proud to announce that we will be having are first meeting this coming Saturday at 3 PM on the grass nearest the athletic center at Sawyer Field. This meeting will consist of Grillin some burgers and dogs and of course there as well will be plenty of chillin so bring your lawn chair. I am looking for some volunteers to help me do some grilling (seeing as i only have two arms). Please email me if you are interested. After this though make sure to stop by the big battle at Sawyer field between our boys varsity football team and the cats from Cheshire Academy at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time. (3 PM PST and 4PM CST).
I hope to see you all Saturday.

Andrew Liu
Class of ’15
Head Griller of the Williston Northampton Chapter of Grillin and Chillin.
Member of the Conant House.

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