Amos K. Hobby ’56


The following is a personal reflection from Dr. Michael B. Conant ’56 on the passing of his Williston roommate and close friend of over 60 years,  Amos K. Hobby, Jr., PhD.

Dr. Amos K. Hobby, Jr. died on August 18, 2016, just four days after his birthday. Both of us became psychologists in private practice, lived near each other, and had very close ties. His girlfriend told me that a day before his death, she started to read to him from The New Age book. Amos stated, “I don’t want anyone cramming that stuff down my throat.” She said to me, “That was Amos.” Absolutely. I’ll miss him a great deal.

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  1. Dear Amos,

    I have never forgotten the day of an 880 race against Deerfield in which I was sure I as winning, but on hearing the sound of pounding feet and someone breathing hard, glanced around as we were approaching the finishing line, but looked to the wrong side. And by the time I turned by neck and looked on the right side there you were two feet ahead of me at the finish line.

    Thanks for that lesson in life Amos. For your friendship. And how much I regret that we did not meet again after we went out in different directions all the way back in 1956.

    Eric (Frank) Britton
    Williston 1956, and on from there

  2. Amos and I played JV football in our senior year. I played left end with Amos posted to the wing back position ( I believe). We worked out a strategy whereby we would team up on the opposition trying to sweep our left end. The plan was that I was to eliminate the rushing blockers exposing the ball carrier so that Amos could have a clear shot at him. ” I get the blockers and Amos was to sack the ball carrier”. It seemed to work well. This was Willisiton’s JV football undefeated year. 1956.

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