Deborah E. Koffman ’74

Deb Koffman, artist, teacher, loving friend, daughter, aunt, sister, and polka dot aficionado passed away February 10, 2021. We’ll miss her love, her laugh, her genius, her generosity and her presence. These are her words about her life:

I do what I do because I got tired of doing what I was supposed to do – you know, supposed to cry at funerals, laugh at weddings, be hungry at mealtime, sleepy at bedtime. But sometimes I felt like laughing at funerals and crying at weddings…And sometimes I wasn’t hungry for days…And sometimes I wanted to sleep forever…

I spent the first 31 years of my life living by someone else’s standard of what was “right:” my parents, my boyfriends, schools, professional environments -that didn’t work.

I needed some perspective, I needed to know what was right for me. So, I became an “artist” being dedicated to, and inspired by, discovering what is inherently true for me.

I describe to myself how I feel about the world…so when I forget what I’ve learned I can look at a table I’ve painted or an image I’ve drawn or words I’ve written and it reminds me of what I know, of what is true about the world for me.

When I see what I’ve created it touches my heart. It comes from my heart and miraculously it always touches me again. So, my truth is, I do this for me…Because it makes me feel good…lt is my gift to myself. When you see what I’ve done, and your heart is touched…Then we have exchanged presence…

And there is no greater gift to receive. Thank you for your presence.

3 thoughts on “Deborah E. Koffman ’74”

  1. I remember Deb Koffman well. She was a beautiful, kind person. I’m so sorry to hear of her death. Sorry for her family and friends who love her. I will never forget her spirit though I haven’t seen her in so many years. What she wrote about life is so beautiful, intentional, and may she rest in peace.
    Love and prayers for all who love Deb,
    Ann Dowd

  2. Although Debbie was my next door neighbor as a child and a classmate at Williston, our lives were miles apart….. but what I remember most about Debbie is what a wonderful soul she was and I hope that someday we will meet again

  3. Beauty never fades in our hearts. Debbie’s words were pure , powerful and so beautiful. To finally ,find the road not taken and embrace ones life like never before , what a joyous and marvelous life Debbie must have enjoyed.

    I knew her when she walked the campus ,would have loved to have known her as an adult .
    Prayers to her family.
    Judith Ré Morgan

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