Williston Latin Class Jets to Italy

On June 3, a group of 17 Latin students, two parents and three Williston teachers met behind the Phillips Stevens Chapel to set out on an epic journey to Naples and Rome. Our trip was organized through the Paideia Institute, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster a close relationship between students and the classics.

After arriving to Fiumicino Airport in Rome the group was all smiles! At the airport we met our Paideia teaching assistant, Mitchell Towne, and boarded a chartered bus bound for Naples Bay.

Read more about this journey to the Eternal City and surrounding sites! Daily posts are below, as are links to Flickr and Facebook photo galleries. Thanks to photographers Beatrice Cody, Ellen Alvord, Sarah Klumpp, and Ethan Bradway. Posts are by Beatrice Cody.


Latin Students Deepen Classics Study at Five College Museums

Williston students investigate ancient cultures.

Honors Latin IV and AP Latin students took a field trip to Smith and Mount Holyoke colleges to deepen their study of ancient cultures.

The group enjoyed a guided tour of the “Villas of Oplontis near Pompeii” exhibit at the Smith College Museum of Art. “A highlight was when the students were given a scented jar and told to identify the scent and then locate an object in the exhibit related to it,” said Latin teacher and Head of the Language Department Beatrice Cody. Scents included frankincense, olive oil, and fish sauce (the Romans’ favorite condiment).

After a quick tour of the Smith College Botanic Garden‘s exhibit on plants of Pompeii (and a bag lunch outside in the garden), the group headed to Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, where Ellen Alvord, Curator of Education and Academic Programs (and a Williston parent) had arranged an exciting visit. Professor Bettina Bergman gave them a tour of the Lares (household gods) exhibit. Then Professor Geoff Sumi sat down with students to examine Roman coins minted under Julius Caesar and Augustus.

“We are lucky to be able to access world-class museums and interact with highly esteemed scholars to enhance our investigation of classics,” Cody added.