Welcome (Back)!

Welcome to the online home of the 2015-16 Student Council! Our goal in using this website is to increase communication between you, the students, the Student Council, and Williston’s administration. We want you to know about what we are discussing in our meetings and what projects and events we are planning.

We have organized this website in a way that we believe you will find very accessible and useful. We have a section for Meeting Minutes where within a week of each meeting we will post the minutes, so you know what is happening in each meeting. Our In the Works section will be where we will post information about upcoming events and projects that we are planning. Our We Want You tab is our online suggestion box–this is the easiest way for you to submit a suggestion or criticism online and we will take a look at your suggestions every week. And lastly, our Bios page is where you will be able to learn more about each member of the 2015-16 Student Council.

Our job is to find our what you want and then do, to the best of our ability, what we can to make your time at Williston a little easier, more fun, and meaningful. We hope this site helps us accomplish that goal.


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