Commended Students Ace PSAT

Seniors Sophia Shaefer, Josh Calianos, and Anabelle Farnham

Kudos to seniors Josh Calianos, Anabelle Farnham, and Sophia Schaefer, who were named Commended Students in the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Program. Commended Students placed among the top 50,000 scorers of more than 1.6 million students nationally who took the PSAT. Way to go, scholars!

Williston Recognizes AP Scholars

AP Scholars were honored at an assembly on September 15.

Williston offers many Advanced Placement courses (see our course catalogue for a full listing). At a recent assembly, Academic Dean Greg Tuleja announced the names of students who were designated AP Scholars by the College Board, which administers the tests.

From last year’s graduating class of 2017, 59 students were honored on one of four categories.

Among current juniors and seniors, 18 have been recognized for strong performance on last year’s AP exams.

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Williston Students Named to T3 Honor Roll

Head of School Robert W. Hill III presents Sima Gandevia ’17 with an academic award. Sima earned high honors this trimester.

The following 286 students earned honors or high honors for the third trimester of 2017. Congratulations, Wildcats! Way to finish strong!

Ninth Grade

Katherine Borden, Honors
Julia Farnham, High Honors
Adam Johnsrud, Honors
Conrad Kang, High Honors
Joe Rees, Honors
Kenneth Wang, High Honors
Dylan Fulcher-Melendy, High Honors
William Gunn, High Honors
Alan Martin, Honors
Matthew Seltzer, High Honors
Abby Seltzer, High Honors
Jonathan Toth, High Honors
Louisa Weed, High Honors
Oscar DeFrancis, High Honors
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Commencement Prizes Awarded

Head of School Robert W. Hill III presents an award to Soma Mizobuchi ’17

Over the past few weeks, students have shared their passions and accomplishments widely within our school community. We have celebrated those endeavors in many venues from classroom presentations, to theatrical performances, at concerts, on the playing fields, and at gallery openings and the Arts Walk.

Assistant Head of School Ann Pickrell shared the most notable of these student accomplishments and recognized overall distinction among the Class of 2017. Continue reading

13 Inducted into Cum Laude Society at Commencement

During the Williston Northampton School’s 176th Commencement on May 28, 2017, History and Global studies teacher Peter Gunn led the induction of 13 new members into the Cum Laude Society.

“Every year the Williston Northampton School community witnesses what can be accomplished by a wonderful mixture of human potential and hard work,” he said. “And we catch a glimpse of a brighter future.  We now honor the finest scholars in the class of 2017 with their public induction in to the Williston Northampton chapter of the Cum Laude Society.  In electing these scholars to Cum Laude, Williston celebrates their academic accomplishment and, in a broader sense, the fundamental mission of our School.  These young people show us what can be accomplished by an academic life inspired with purpose, passion, and integrity.” Continue reading

Academic Awards 2017

The Academic Awards for the 2016-17 class year took place under the tent on the Quad on May 27, 2017. Awards were given in six subjects: History and Global Studies, English, Arts, Science, Math, and Language. A link to photographs of the event will be posted soon. The awards were as follows:


The A. L. HEPWORTH PRIZE, honoring a legendary history teacher, Dean of Students, and tennis coach, 1926-1973, is awarded to those students who have done excellent work in the United States History course:

  • For improvement – ELIN BLOMQUIST
  • For accomplishment – TIMOTHY “TIM” FAY

The HERVEY L. SMITH, JR., PRIZE, established by a member of the faculty from 1939 to 1946, is awarded annually for the highest achievement in the Modern European History course:


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Williston Language Students Earn High Honors

Latin and French award winners flanked by Language Department Head Beatrice Cody and French teacher Susan Michalski

Parlez-vous français? Tu Latine loquimur? 你会说中文吗? The answer to these three questions is a resounding, “Oui!” “Ita!” and “是!” when it comes to Williston students, who took top scores in national language exams recently, netting them awards in French, Latin, and Chinese.

French Awards

Nearly 80,000 students nationwide participated in Le Grand Concours National French Contest. The following students placed at the national level and regional chapter level (for Western Massachusetts and Vermont):

LEVEL 1A (French I)
Steven Wang ’20: Sixth place in Western Massachusetts and Vermont chapter, ninth in nation
Ariel Yen ’19: Seventh place in regional chapter, 10th in nation
Madhav Ambadi ’20: Seventh place in regional chapter, 10th in nation
Michelle Tu ’20: Ninth place in regional chapter
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BuzzFeed Managing Editor Kate Nocera ’01 Speaks to Williston Journalism Class

With the aid of Skype, Matt Liebowitz’s journalism class spoke to Kate Nocera ’01, from her Washington, D.C., office where she’s managing editor of BuzzFeed News. Last Friday, as Republicans in Congress were about to invoke the “nuclear option” to facilitate the confirmation of Pres. Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, Nocera took a break from the hectic day to answer questions from students.

Ava Yates ’17 asked Nocera about her involvement in journalism while she was a student at Williston. Nocera answered that she was more about fiction writing then. Ellie Wolfe ’19 asked if sources took BuzzFeed seriously. Cat jokes aside, Nocera responded, readers respect the award-winning international coverage BuzzFeed provides (this year the site was nominated for a Pulitzer for international reporting). Mr. Liebowitz asked how she got her start. Nocera described her beginnings in journalism as a beat reporter for the New York Daily News covering cops, courts, and school committee meetings. Continue reading

Williston Delegates Receive Awards at Model UN Conference

Keyu Lu '20, Sophie Little '19, Josh Calianos '18, and Reilly Gluz '19 after the Model UN meet
Keyu Lu ’20, Sophie Little ’19, Josh Calianos ’18, and Reilly Gluz ’19 after the Model UN meet

A Model UN conference at Choate Rosemary Hall last weekend considered the topic of nuclear vulnerability. History and global studies teacher Andrew Syfu took 25 Williston students to the meet, which addressed subjects such as nuclear nonproliferation, the Iran Nuclear Deal, and nuclear energy and climate change. Four of our delegates received awards, including the best delegate, which is the top honor of the event.  Congratulations!

Sophie Little '19 preps for the conference
Sophie Little ’19 prepped for the conference last week.

Honorable mention delegate

  • Reilly Gluz ’19 (Afghanistan—Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference)
  • Sophie Little ’19 (Armenia—Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference)

Outstanding delegate

  • Keyu Lu ’20 (Australia—Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference for beginners)

Best delegate

  • Josh Calianos ’18 (India—United Nations Security Council on the Iran Nuclear Deal)