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Students visiting leading oceanographic research institute

Seven girls on the Williston water polo team took a break from training in Florida to spend the afternoon at the Guy Harvey Research Institute on the Nova Southeastern University campus in Dania Beach, Florida.

Thanks to alum Missy Dore ’86, these girls received a behind-the-scenes tour of this two-year old facility, which specializes in cutting edge coral and sea turtle research both here in Florida and throughout the world.

Missy explained to the girls that currently the group of faculty and graduate students are in the South Pacific conducting their research study. The girls were all very impressed and interested! Thanks, Missy!

Amazing event in WB!

Congratulations to all of the middle school scientists! It was amazing to see the work that was presented last night at WB. The experimental work that you did as well as the knowledge you shared with those less informed on your subject was impressive. It was obvious that you became passionate about your study – impressive! Pictures to come shortly…

STEM is in WB!

Photo of 2014 Science Fair by Joanna Chattman

All 97 middle school students are thinking, testing, analyzing, questioning, graphing, inferring, explaining, problem solving… you get the idea, as they prepare to present their investigations at our annual Science Celebration. Topics this year include mouse maze learning, plant tropisms, wind tunnel experimentation, bacteria, energy transfers, evaporation rates, enhancing or inhibiting plant growth, the power of a seedling, the purpose of spines on cacti and many more! Come and be amazed at what our youngest Williston scientists have done!

Open House at Whitaker Bement

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Senior’s summer study leads to publication

Senior Emily Grussing spent this past summer as an intern at the Geisel School of Medicine on the Dartmouth College campus. Under the direction of Dr. Jason Moore at the Norris Cotton cancer center there Emily took part in researching various chemicals and connecting disease or health effects. In her work Emily produced a social network describing correlations between “substances” and phenotypes. The abstract for this work can be found here. Emily was the first high school intern in the program in recent memory. Emily reports that it was an amazing experience! Currently Emily is in our AP Physics 1 course as well as the Advanced Integrated Science program.

Global Problems, Scientific Solutions, and Antibiotic-Resistant Syphilis

Williston Students Join in UMass iCons Workshop
20141206 Bill Berghoff Science
By Bill Berghoff

By Michelle Lawson

After an animated discussion and three rounds of voting, the decision was final: the first case study for the University of Massachusetts Amherst freshmen would be on the increase of antibiotic-resistant strains of syphilis.

So how did eight Williston students happen to be involved in this decision on a recent rainy Saturday morning?

I’ll start at the beginning.

At 8:15 a.m. last Saturday, the students in the advanced integrated science course (AIS) at Williston hopped on the bus and headed to UMass. Our plan was to spend the morning with the first-year college students who were beginning the integrated concentration in science program (iCons), led by Professor Scott Auerbach. In previous years, Professor Auerbach has led a workshop at Williston for the AIS students, but this year we wanted to travel to UMass and immerse ourselves in the integrated science program.

Professor Auerbach started the iCons programs five years ago to bring students together from different science disciplines and address problems from a multidisciplinary perspective. Over their four years of college, the iCons students work in small groups to come up with scientific solutions to global problems.

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