Hidden/Private Part II Exhibits at Grubbs Gallery

As a recent guest curator at Easthampton City Arts, Williston Northampton art teacher Marcia Reed designed an exhibition, which highlighted the private side of artists.

“I do work that I never show to anyone, ever, and I have a lot of it,” said Reed. “I exhibit this, that, and the other thing, but I never show this private side, this hidden side.”

Hidden/Private Part II is about what artists create and do not share with the public, a private side.  The exhibit consists of works that the featured artists do not exhibit, under normal circumstances, and are not known for professionally. For example, a local painter who is known for her dramatic lighting of interior spaces participated in the exhibition by showing figurative clay sculptures.

The works of 12 artists, including Silas Koph, Alix Hegeler, Frank Cressotti, Mark Brown, Susan Boss, and Juli Kirk, are featured in Hidden/Private Part II.

After the initial exhibition closed at Easthampton City Arts, the artists asked Reed about the possibility of a second show.  “So I squeezed it into the Grubbs Gallery scheduling” said Reed.

Hidden/Private Part II will run at the Grubbs Gallery, in the Reed Campus Center, from Monday, April 23 to Monday, April 30, 2012.

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