Visual Arts Faculty Give Gallery Talks

photo3Update: Due to the weekend snowstorm, the Visual Arts Faculty Exhibit artists’ reception scheduled for Sunday was postponed until Wednesday, December 18, from 6-7:30 p.m.

On Wednesday, December 11, Williston’s Visual Arts Faculty gave artists’ talks in the Grubbs Gallery in conjunction with their exhibition.

Students, teachers, and guests were on hand to hear Ms. Chambers discuss her installation using corrugated cardboard and to hear about her working process and the role of improvisation in creating the work.

Ms. Verdickt shared the source of her inspirations and the symbolism inherent in the animals (mice and rabbits) in her work.

Ms. White described the relationship between her representational and her abstract work, and how she deals with changing conditions at the locations at which she paints.

photo1Ms. Goldstein described how she develops a vision for costumes based on specific play scripts, and how she crafts her own jewelry from hundreds of tiny beads.

Mr. Hing was able to connect his history at Williston and his career trajectory, and to describe how one informed the other. He also described his years as a commercial photographer in New York, and what led him back to Williston.

Ms. Hume discussed her vases in the context of her “Slow Studio” line, and how being a designer and a maker both are philosophically connected for her. Attendees asked some excellent questions and expressed general appreciation of our talented art teachers!

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