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A Tribute to Spain

What I based my artwork off of

The first time I really painted (in my life) was the fall trimester of this academic year. It was an awesome feeling walking over to my station in the studio, picking out what paint brushes to use, and blending different colors on my pallet. At the end of that trimester I did some work with acrylic paints. It was a contrast painting–the top half was a landscape visual of moonlit mountain while the bottom half was a sunset. I used one of Keith Haring’s symbols to represent a couple’s silhouette.

I chose this trimester to use that same symbol in my painting. I chose to do one large painting of a beach in Spain. As the sunset you could see the different blues, pinks, and yellows in the sky. Also because of the positioning of the sun you can see how the sunlight hits certain areas differently—for example the way it reflects on the water.

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted my study to have something to do with Spain. The summer after my sophomore year, I went with an abroad program to Spain for a month. We traveled about the country and I had the opportunity to do a two-week homestay in Ubeda, Spain. I chose to base my study off of a picture of this beach because I believe that my painting conveys a sense of romance in a way. I want to share with everyone the love that I developed for this town during my time there. The people, the culture, the language…it was all unforgettable. BUT, at the same time I did not want to choose a portrait that was too distinct either because I wanted everyone who views my work to be able to think back to that special place, person, or moment that made them as happy as Ubeda made me.

I hope you all enjoy it!