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Beyond the Grain: Making a Wood Rim Steering Wheel

By Alec Guay

This past summer my family and I stopped for a cold treat at our local ice-cream stand.  We talked about my upcoming Senior year until a small car caught my eye. Here, just feet away, lay a silver Porsche Super Speedster strapped to the back of a flat bed. To most, this would seem like a broken down car on the way to the shop- but to me, I saw a story. Porsche started producing its first cars in the 1950s with the 356 and eventually the Super Speedster. This was the top of the line sports car in Europe, and only a handful remain in the States.  I ran over to the car and admired its smooth lines and beautiful craftsmanship. After talking with the owner, I learned it had just come from a full outer body restoration and was on its way to New York for an interior restoration. I was instantly intrigued with the idea of restoring a piece of automotive history and as the school year came around; I looked into how I could make my own piece of Porsche history.

In today’s market, professional restorations have begun to incorporate many handmade parts to replace the worn and time rotted pieces for a factory fresh interior. Specialists can remake and rebuild everything from the gas gauge to the ceiling lining in nearly exact or even better condition than they were fifty years ago.  This made me think how hard would it be to make my own steering wheel? Not just a shell or showpiece like anyone can buy, but one that I made with my own hands like they used to be made. After I had my mind set on the steering wheel, I began to look into the multiple types and differences that lay behind each wheel.

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