Amazing event in WB!

Congratulations to all of the middle school scientists! It was amazing to see the work that was presented last night at WB. The experimental work that you did as well as the knowledge you shared with those less informed on your subject was impressive. It was obvious that you became passionate about your study – impressive! Pictures to come shortly…

STEM is in WB!

Photo of 2014 Science Fair by Joanna Chattman

All 97 middle school students are thinking, testing, analyzing, questioning, graphing, inferring, explaining, problem solving… you get the idea, as they prepare to present their investigations at our annual Science Celebration. Topics this year include mouse maze learning, plant tropisms, wind tunnel experimentation, bacteria, energy transfers, evaporation rates, enhancing or inhibiting plant growth, the power of a seedling, the purpose of spines on cacti and many more! Come and be amazed at what our youngest Williston scientists have done!

Open House at Whitaker Bement

Thursday, February 26, 2015