Natania Hume’s Slow Studio in NYC Store

Whether it’s about food or the pace of living, sometimes the best thing you can do is slow down.

That’s what Williston Northampton School faculty member Natania Hume believes. And when it comes to her custom pottery, time and quality go hand in hand.

Her focus on detail and dedication to the craft has now led her to a new collaboration—one that will potentially bring her work into homes across the country.

On March 11, Ms. Hume headed to New York City for a preview party at Canvas Homestore, where the company unveiled her “Slow Studio” line of ceramics to designers, editors, and retail customers. Work by fellow artist Judy Jackson was also featured.

As part of their new line, Canvas Homestore will offer seven of Ms. Hume’s ceramics—pitchers, mugs, dessert plates, serving bowls, vases, small tumblers, and lidded jars—which customers can pick in one of several glazes.

“The idea being that their customers can special order specific ‘Slow Studio’ (the name of my line of ceramics) items through Canvas and choose their own glaze colors,” Ms. Hume explained in an email. “I will make up their customized items specifically for each order.”

In a press release about Ms. Hume, the company highlighted the handmade and small-batch qualities of her work, as well as her use of a solar- and wind-powered kiln.

“By employing simple and direct design solutions, she strives to create contemporary objects that are unique, harmonious, and eminently functional,” the release noted.

Ms. Hume said the Canvas project had been an enjoyable one and that she had appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with other potters.

“This is fun for me,” Ms. Hume added, “because whether it is collaborating with other artisans, retailers or other teachers, I find the collaborative process, and the give-and-take of ideas, to be very inspiring and energizing.”

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