Eduardo Angel Opens 2015 Photographers’ Lecture Series

Courtesy of Eduardo Angel
Courtesy of Eduardo Angel

Photographer and filmmaker Eduardo Angel will present the first in this year’s Photographers’ Lecture Series on March 27.

The lecture will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the Dodge Room, Reed Campus Center, and like all the talks in the series, is free and open to the public.

“Eduardo Angel’s specialty is digital video and it’s going to be a much more technical ‘how to’ lecture,” wrote Fine and Performing Arts Teacher Ed Hing, who organizes the series. “It should be very informative and fast paced.”

Mr. Angel, who is based in Brooklyn, New York, co-founded the idea production company The Digital Distillery and has worked as an official Beta Tester for Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro. He is also a instructor, where his courses focus on lighting, composition, and camera movement for video productions.

Courtesy of Eduardo Angel
Courtesy of Eduardo Angel

“Filmmaking is tremendously multifaceted, and composition is perhaps the least understood aspect of the process,” Mr. Angel wrote in a recent post on his website. “We don’t watch movies and wish they had used a wider aperture or a lighter tri­pod. We care about how we are, or are not, moved by the STORY.”

Mr. Angel received a bachelor of architecture from Los Andes University and an MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He teaches at The School of Visual Arts and the International Center of Photography, and mentors the photography program at Savannah.

He is a member of Tenba’s Visual Artists and X-Rite’s Coloratti programs, and his clients include Adobe, Canon U.S.A., and the New York Times, among others.
In addition to the public lecture, Mr. Angel will meet with students in advanced photography during Saturday classes.

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