Students Dedicate Yearbook to Jenna Motyka

Ms. Motyka gives Gabby Mercier a hug.

A standing, whooping, stomping ovation, and even some tears, greeted the dedication of the 2017 Williston Northampton School yearbook, The Log. Its three editorsseniors Emma Reynolds, Gabby Mercier, and Saul Blain—announced at a recent assembly that this year’s edition is dedicated to Jenna Motyka, coordinator of student services.  Mr. Seamon captured video of the moment. The following is the transcript of the dedication, which was read by Emma Reynolds.

“Whether you are a student, faculty member, or campus visitor, the first person you see when entering our Schoolhouse is often Ms. Jenna Motyka. No matter how her morning has been, what she is working on, or what day it is, you can expect a cheerful, “Good morning!” which is likely followed by your name (She knows everyone!).  Ms. Motyka is, without question, exactly the friendly and helpful person that we all need to see first thing in the morning, though many of us take her for granted. It is not her job to simply greet everyone who walks by, though that could easily fill a day. Ms. Motyka works tirelessly to support the Deans Office, monitor student attendance, field parent phone calls, manage travel arrangements, keep track of community life budgets and much, much more.

“’Jenna Motyka is like my right hand!’ exclaimed Anne O’Connor, Head of Security, when asked about how Ms. Motyka supports her department. Most students don’t think of her as a part of the security office, but Ms. Motyka is looking out for students’ safety and their whereabouts all day, every day. We may not like being marked absent or late, but she is genuinely concerned for our safety and wants to make sure we get to where we should be each day.

“Senior Sima Gandevia writes, ‘We live in the same town, just a few minutes away from each other. After big storms, sometimes my mom doesn’t want my sister or me driving to school, so Ms. Motyka has offered to drive us. Whether we accept or not, I think the fact that she offers goes to show just who Ms. Motyka is for students. She’s someone who will go out of her way to make sure that we are safe, comfortable, and able to do what we need to do.’

“As Mr. Koritkoski so nicely wrote, ‘Ms. Motyka is the glue that holds the school together. She greets every student with a smile and is relentlessly upbeat and positive. She works selflessly on behalf of Williston students day and night and is most-deserving of this honor.’

“Dean of Students Ms. Noble added, ‘Ms. Motyka’s genuine interest in and wonderful care and support of our students are special treasures of Williston.’

“On behalf of the Class of 2017, we thank you, Ms. Motyka, for everything you have done to support us here at Williston. We are proud to dedicate this edition of The Log to you.”

4 thoughts on “Students Dedicate Yearbook to Jenna Motyka”

  1. As a parent Jenna makes you feel that she personally has an eye on your kid AND is their biggest fan!! I think it is a wonderfully well deserved honor.

  2. Well deserved! She’s always there with a smile and making all feel welcome. Carolyn Marshall

  3. She was of immense help when my son Afzal was at Williston from 2014 to 2017. Her presence at the school made us very comfortable since we were in Saudi Arabia and Afzal used to travel at least three times in a year from there.

    A big thanks to Jenna.

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