Green Shirts and Green Shoots

There’s nothing at all that approximates the opening days of school on a boarding school campus, and experiencing my first registration and orientation at The Williston Northampton School has been astonishing. Green shirted proctors are everywhere on campus, leading new families through a well-choreographed series of stations and stops; ninth grade students hardly had time to reflect on their new surroundings before heading to an overnight camp for orientation with an incredible team of teachers dedicated to the Ninth Grade Program; the slow gaits of student-athletes making their way to the dining commons following two-a-day practices show that even teenagers can get tired; and our international students have already made a significant contribution to the local community by their volunteer efforts helping to construct a playground — all before classes have even begun. Williston’s 170th year is underway and if opening days are any indication, it’s going to be quite a year!

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