Lessons From the Field

The young men of VFB Bowl GameWilliston’s varsity football team have a lot to be proud of following a one point loss in the Hugh Caldera Bowl championship game played at Sawyer Field last Saturday. Though the Lawrence Spartans hoisted the trophy after a well played and highly competitive game, the Wildcats look back on a one-loss regular season that they will never forget.

For those who didn’t witness the bowl game, Williston was down 27-0 at the half and scored 28 unanswered points in the second half before teams traded touchdowns.  Coach Conroy’s young men represented the very best of sportsmanship, competitive spirit, and team unity, and we know that Coach Crockett would have been proud of each of them.  I salute this dedicated group of students and their coaching mentors.

2 thoughts on “Lessons From the Field”

  1. Congratulations to the truly ferocious Wildcats! What an incredible feat to come back from 27-0 at the half, and to come within one point of the championship. A tribute to and to all the players on, and off the field. I venture to guess there is a high-five in heaven happening now from Coach Crockett.
    Go Wildcats!!

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