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Academic Awards 2017

The Academic Awards for the 2016-17 class year took place under the tent on the Quad on May 27, 2017. Awards were given in six subjects: History and Global Studies, English, Arts, Science, Math, and Language. A link to photographs of the event will be posted soon. The awards were as follows:


The A. L. HEPWORTH PRIZE, honoring a legendary history teacher, Dean of Students, and tennis coach, 1926-1973, is awarded to those students who have done excellent work in the United States History course:

  • For improvement – ELIN BLOMQUIST
  • For accomplishment – TIMOTHY “TIM” FAY

The HERVEY L. SMITH, JR., PRIZE, established by a member of the faculty from 1939 to 1946, is awarded annually for the highest achievement in the Modern European History course:


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