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Athletic Director Conroy Named to Coaches’ Hall of Fame

Coach Mark Conroy

You could make the case that Mark Conroy’s career began in second grade when he started playing organized football. Throughout his school days, he played the game, captaining his team at Middlebury College, where he earned All East honors and a nod as Honorable Mention All American.

Conroy has spent 33 years coaching (mostly football but also basketball and baseball) at boarding schools, 30 of those serving in the Athletic Director role, as he has at Williston for the last 18 years. He stepped down as football coach at the end of the 2015-16 school year, continuing on as AD. As a fitting tribute to a career devoted to inspiring excellence and modeling leadership for young people, Conroy has been elected to the NEPSFCA Coaches’ Hall of Fame. Continue reading

Beaton Brings Family History to Role as Head Football Coach

Coach B, ready for a high five

By Matt Liebowitz

So much of what makes Coach Tommy Beaton tick, and what makes his players follow his lead, is evident in a quiet moment amidst chaos: Coach B standing in the gym during a school-wide event, his infant daughter asleep, her head in the crook of his elbow. Around him, students shuffle, scream, dance, but Coach B remains still. His daughter stays asleep.

As Williston Northampton’s new Head Football Coach, Tommy Beaton projects a steadfast, quiet confidence; he’s commanding, but not in the scream-in-your-face way many top-tier coaches are portrayed in movies. This reserved power is what makes Coach B so effective.

“You know your guys get it when you don’t have to say ‘hustle,’ they just hustle,” Beaton said. Continue reading