Danielle McCarty ’04 and Allison Robb ’00 to Talk Careers at Williston

When Danielle Wieneke McCarty ’04 and Allison “Kinsey” Robb ’00 return to the Williston Northampton campus on Friday for assembly, they won’t be delivering speeches.

Instead, the two accomplished alumnae, one an investment banker for Goldman Sachs and the other an art gallery curator, will be answering specific questions about how to take a Williston education and translate it into an incredible career.

History teacher Peter Gunn will facilitate the session, which will begin with introductions (who were you when you sat in the chapel pews back in the day?) and continue with the advice each alumna would give to her past self, who at Williston had the biggest impact on her, and what about their careers each alumna finds enjoyable.

The assembly will end with a question and answer session between the students and the alumnae. Ms. McCarty and Ms. Robb will also meet with students who are interested in their respective fields later in the day.

“The point of this assembly is to showcase a few Williston outcomes,” noted Elizabeth Cheney in an email to faculty. “Many thanks to Peter Gunn who has agreed to facilitate what promises to be a wonderful discussion.”

After graduating from Williston in 2004, Ms. McCarty attended Providence College where she was captain of the soccer team. She has been in investment banking since 2007 and an associate for the margin valuations and pricing operations for the past five. Ms. McCarty, who is based in New York City, also worked as an analyst for funding operations at Goldman Sachs.

Ms. Robb went from Williston to Syracuse University, where she completed her undergraduate degree. She went on to earn her MFA in the history of art from the University of Manchester (UK) where she is currently a PhD candidate in art history and visual culture. Ms. Robb aworks at the Gagosian Gallery in New York City, curating shows of work by modern artists, and has served as director for the Rebecca Hossack Gallery.

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