Iraqi Journalist and Activist to Deliver MLK Day Keynote

Haider HamzaAn Iraqi war journalist, who uses his experiences in conflict zones to spread messages of non-violent communication, will deliver the keynote at Williston Northampton School’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day special assembly on January 19.

Haider Hamza, an Iraqi native who lived under Saddam Hussein, has covered the Iran/Iraq war, the Gulf War, and the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He spent two years embedded with U.S. military journalists and has also covered the conflict from the side of rebel fighters.

Mr. Hamza has lost family members and friends during the conflict; he has been arrested, injured, and kidnapped, and finally made the decision to leave Iraq.

After graduating from Baghdad University, Mr. Hamza was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in the United States to study global security and conflict resolution. He now focuses on raising awareness of the long-term affects of war, and how to create political discourse through non-violent communication, advocacy, and debate.

Mr. Hamza’s keynote at Williston will focus on his experience in war-torn Iraq as a citizen, journalist, and activist. He will also speak about the universality of humanity and how to create messages of peace and reconciliation.

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