Scooping Up School History

The Williston Northampton Ice Cream Flavor Contest is on!

coneWhat does 175 years of history taste like? That’s what Williston Northampton wants to know with a delicious new contest that will celebrate the school’s long and rich heritage.

Williston’s Ice Cream Flavor Contest, a collaboration between the school and Mt. Tom’s Homemade Ice Cream in Easthampton, began on Friday, September 4 and runs through November 24. Entries will be judged on flavor combinations, creativity, and use of school spirit, with the winner announced to the public on February 22.

The contest is open to anyone, whether or not they’re connected to the school, with entries accepted both at the ice cream parlor counter and via an online form.

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and 175th Anniversary Coordinator Liz Cheney P ’20 said the decision not to limit contest entries was a deliberate one.

“It was one of those little fun things to hopefully get people’s creative juices churning,” she said, adding that the contest was also a way to remind people, both on campus and off, about the school’s long history.

“It’s bringing exposure to the school, but also [about] trying to help a local business, just those two things marrying,” she said. “And it’s a simple way to make people aware that it is our 175th.”

The school’s 175th Anniversary celebration begins with a kick-off and community celebration at Convocation on September 18. Williston will hold regional galas in New York and Boston in December, followed by Founders Day on February 22, and Reunion on May 13-15.

The ice cream flavors will be judged by a yet-to-be-named committee; the winner will have a chance to make the ice cream with Mt. Tom’s owner Jim Ingram. The winner will get a pint of their flavor and a gift card to the shop. The flavor will then debut at Founders Day, during the school-wide birthday party.

Mr. Ingram, who is also known as the shop’s “chief scooping officer,” said ideal flavors would avoid things that could break teeth (such as frozen gummy candy or gum balls), were too costly in February (blackberries or blueberries), and common allergens (like peanuts or peanut butter).

“My theory is that something that will win will be something that ties in nicely with Williston history,” he said.

His best advice for all budding flavor creators?

“Just get creative, really,” he said. “If it’s a good idea and it’s the winner, I’ll find a way to make it.”

Enter your flavor now.

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