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Williston Seniors Hear Early College News

2012_Poggenpohl_008When it comes to admission decisions, seniors at The Williston Northampton School have faced stiff competition—and have done very well, said Tim Cheney, director of College Counseling. Cheney said that the admission landscape this year continued to be extremely competitive, but that many members of the class of 2013 had begun to hear good news from their top choices.

“The last few years have seen record increases in applications at scores of colleges nationwide,” Cheney wrote in an email. “Simply put, it’s all about supply and demand—there are often too many qualified candidates vying for admission from across the globe and not enough spaces to accommodate them all.”

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Williston’s Director of College Counseling Visits the Middle East

By Tim Cheney

I recently returned from a visit to NYU’s new college campus in Abu Dhabi.

How did I get there? A direct flight from Chicago—mine took me up over Greenland and Iceland, over the North Atlantic. We traveled across Norway and Sweden, over the Black Sea and along the border of Iraq and Iran. The final approach was over the Gulf before we landed in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates.

While I was only in the country for a few days, I was able to experience much of what NYU’s President John Sexton has called “both a repository of a great culture and a symbol of that culture’s adaptation to modernity” during my visit.

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Williston Seniors Begin to Hear College News

Every year, Williston Northampton seniors wait for admission news from colleges and universities across the country. After all their hard work, acceptance to the institution of their choice is a sign of all they have accomplished at Williston.

College news has begun to arrive for the Class of 2012, and there are some very happy and excited seniors on campus. The senior class is looking foward to the spring and even more good news from schools.

Students will receive regular decision admission news throughout the month of March, so check Williston’s news later this spring for a complete list of schools.

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Admission Directors Give Williston Juniors Tips on the Process

As students were preparing for mid-winter break, Beth Wiser, of the University of Vermont, and Matt Malatesta, of Union College, drew a crowd to the Williston Theater.

The two directors of college admission offices were on campus on Feb. 2 to share tips on how parents and students could make the college search process enjoyable and manageable.
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Williston’s Director of College Counseling Tim Cheney began by advising the assembled juniors and their parents to remember that the admission process is about tough choices.

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College Counseling Road Trip Provides Early Exposure to Options

On a rainy day in March, every member of the junior class boarded a bus and headed off to one of the Five Colleges—Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges and the University of Massachusetts—for campus tours and information sessions with admissions officers. The purpose of this trip, according to Director of College Counseling Tim Cheney, was “to provide students with early exposure to the variety of options available to them at different schools and colleges.”

The day, Tim says, provided “a primer for students, to heighten their awareness and refine their thinking in advance of going out on their first actual tours with parents.” Many times juniors will take some time during spring break to visit a few colleges that they might be interested in. By visiting college campuses with Williston college counselors, and then meeting admissions officers at those campuses, Williston’s students will better prepared to get the most out of tours they do on their own.

Each junior got to choose which campus he or she would visit on this trip, which was organized by the College Counseling Office, with assistance from Kim Evelti, curriculum specialist for Five College resources. The feedback on the outing has been positive, and plans are underway to make it an annual event.