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A Common Humanity, A Collective Responsibility

Journalist and activist Haider Hamza asks students to embrace the spirit of MLK Day

Photo by Matthew CavanaughWhen it comes to understanding injustice, and the role society must play in stopping it, there’s no greater context than that of war.

On January 19, as part of a celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, keynote speaker Haider Hamza challenged Williston Northampton School students and faculty to examine the causes of violence, and use that understanding to help stop it.

Speaking in the Phillips Stevens Chapel, with photos of conflicts flashing on the large projection screen behind him, Mr. Hamza asked his audience to embrace the spirit of the day—a common humanity.

“Once we identify with every human anywhere…then it’s unrealistic that we can be able to wage wars any more,” he said. “We need to understand how violence happens and how it doesn’t take us anywhere.”

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