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The Security at the Heart of Things

This summer, Security Manager Anne O'Connor and her team have been quietly rolling out significant improvements across campus
Six members of Williston’s security staff at their OC training

It was a typical summer morning for Security Manager Anne O’Connor. She began the day by clambering across the Reed Campus Center roof, looking for a good place to put a new emergency siren system. By that afternoon, she was checking in on a delivery of two new bicycles before heading over to the Easthampton Police Department for a face full of pepper spray as part of a safety training course.

Williston’s security manager, who joined the school last summer, admits that she’s been busy over the past couple of months.

“It’s been a busy, progressive year,” she said. “And I don’t see any slow down as far as our moving forward with security on campus.”

Since her hire last August, Ms. O’Connor has been quietly implementing a series of wide-ranging changes to the school’s security department. Those upgrades have included multiple new systems, equipment upgrades, changes to campus policies, and a series of training sessions that she hopes will not only create closer ties between the Easthampton emergency services and the school, but also strengthen the bonds between the security department as a whole.

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