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“I’m Not A Superhero,” says Luma Mufleh

“If you had one wish in the world what would it be?”

Luma Mufleh’s grandmother used to ask her this when she was a child.  Mufleh’s response was usually a new toy or soccer cleats.  Then she would ask the same of her grandmother.  “Her answer was always the same,” said Mufleh.  “’I wish everyone in the world would have clean drinking water.’”

Speaking in the third annual Sara Wattles Perry ’77 Lecture, Mufleh told the story of her privileged childhood growing up in Amman, Jordan; hitting rock bottom twice after her parents cut her off financially; and how a wrong turn led to the first private school in America dedicated to the education of refugee children.

“I made a wrong turn.”
On what seemed like a normal day in Clarkston, Georgia, Mufleh made a wrong turn and encountered five boys playing soccer in a parking lot.  She watched them and remembered the pickup games she had played with her brothers in Jordan.

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Luma Mufleh to Speak at Wattles Perry ’77 Lecture

Fodbold.  Fuβball.  Pêl-droed.  Sokker.  Zúqiú.  Soccer.

Soccer is an international pastime and Luma Mufleh has used it as a stepping-stone to foster harmony and order in the lives of Clarkston, Georgia’s refugee children; children who have witnessed the worst of our modern age.

Born in Amman, Jordan, Mufleh moved to Atlanta a year and a half after graduating from Smith College.  One day, as she drove down a street in Clarkston, she happened upon a group of young boys playing soccer in the street.  “They played without some of the most basic equipment–but they played for the sheer enjoyment of the game–something that reminded [her] of home,” she said.

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Bend it Like…Parker?

Bend it Like…Parker?

She’s been called the traffic controller, the distributor, a worker bee, and the cog of the girls varsity soccer team wheel.

(C) Matthew Cavanaugh

A junior from Amherst, MA, Gia Parker has been playing the game since she was five.  Parker, who has worked very hard to improve her game over the past two seasons, says the trait that has stuck with her throughout the years, and countless practices, is discipline.

“I take good care of my body, I eat well and I have learned good habits,” she said.  “It’s something that I’ve worked really hard at. It didn’t always come easily.“

Monique Conroy is Parker’s advisor, Algebra II teacher, and coach, and has enjoyed watching her advisee develop, both on and off the field.

“Gia came in as a freshman and became a starter at the key position on the field,” said Conroy, adding that that was true even though an older player played ahead of Parker.

In subsequent years, explained Conroy, Parker continued to improve her game, her physical strength, and her endurance.

“She is the fittest girl on the team; nobody will ever question that,” said Conroy.

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Caitlyn Riley Signs National Letter of Intent with Michigan State

The Williston Northampton School’s Caitlyn Riley signed a National Letter of Intent to compete 6803184729 ddd451d32d o resized 600on the NCAA Division 1 women’s soccer team at Michigan State University during a special ceremony at Williston’s Reed Campus Center on February 1.

Riley joked that her face hurt from smiling so much as she signed the agreement to attend Michigan State as part of the Class of 2016. The letter indicates that other schools may no longer recruit Riley. Also at the ceremony were Director of Athletics Mark Conroy, Director of College Counseling Tim Cheney, and Riley’s parents and friends.

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