The Williston Northampton School Presents Annual Children’s Play

The Williston Northampton School will present its annual children’s theater program during the public schools’ February vacation week. This year, Story Theatre: Journeys of Transformation from Around the World and Beyond will delight audiences of all ages.

The play is a collection of folk tales and other stories revolving around the theme of change. The stories, including “The Magic Garden,” “Tipingee,” “The Seal’s Skin,” and others, were adapted into a unified script by the Williston Children’s Theater ensemble. The production will be directed by senior theater student Emilia Caligiuri ’11.

Performances take place every day, February 21-26, at 3:30 p.m. in the Williston Theatre, 18 Payson Avenue, in Easthampton. Tickets are $5, general admission. For more information or to reserve tickets, call the box office at 413-529-3434.

The Cast

Hannah Brooks, A’kala Chaires, Kate Glowatsky, Jenn Hall, Brian Hendery, So Ra Jung, Kathleen Kaisla, Umi Keezing, Denison Marsland-Rello, Mojdeh Mostafavi, Mairead Poulin, Nickki Sarkar, Marie Schonfeld, Matthew Steinberg, Alyssa Stern, Chase Tanguay, Maya Wilson, Talya Wintman, Maddi Wise, Kiernan Zehring