We’re Updating

We know you love when things are easy. Easy to find. Easy to use. Easy to get excited about.

We do too.

It’s why we are working on improving how you connect with The Williston Northampton School. Not just on WillyNet, but everywhere you go.

That’s right. We’re updating—everything.

That means…

A new look: Cleaner layouts. Consistent logos. Straightforward navigation.

More content: Tons of news stories, profiles and videos. More Flickr sets than you can shake a stick at. Blogs written by the head of school and by students.

And better communication: Weekly emails to parents. Regular updates on Facebook. Tweets with quotes and photos, too.

We can’t promise this will be a speedy process (no big renovation ever is), but we can tell you that it’s going to be a thoughtful one.

There’s a story we want to tell. Because Williston Northampton isn’t just a campus, it’s the people, the community, and 171 years of history.  It’s what happens in the classroom…and what happens beyond.

It’s us. And it’s you, too.

So, we need your help. Help us tell the story of Williston Northampton. Help us make things better. Help us spread the excitement about the school we love.

Over the next year, we’ll be sharing updates on the website, on Facebook, and in-person to get your suggestions and your feedback.

Comments? We love them.

But most of all, we love to improve. That starts today. Stay tuned.

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