Who Needs Feminism?

Editor’s note: The following guest post by Sylvia Skerry ’14 is based on her senior directed study. Ms. Skerry also presented the following video on May 21 during an Upper School assembly. 

By Sylvia Skerry ’14

This fall, when I took Women and Gender Studies, our class worked on a project called “Who needs feminism?” I first saw this project on Facebook and realized it was present in many communities across the country. Our Women and Gender Studies class decided we wanted to bring it to Williston to help our community create and understand a modern definition of feminism.

This spring I wanted to do a directed study and decided to finish the project that my class had started. In the most basic sense, the project is supposed to make people realize that the answer to the question “Who needs feminism?” is everyone.  Usually the project is simply pictures of people holding up signs that say “I need feminism because…” and then writing a reason they need feminism. For my project, I decided to do a variation of that. In addition to pictures, I took videos of faculty and staff in our community answering questions like “Why is feminism important for you?”, “Why is feminism important in the Williston community?” and “What is your definition of feminism?”


4 thoughts on “Who Needs Feminism?”

  1. I need feminism because a world in which females know that there are no limits to how we think & what we can do is the world I want to live in!

  2. I’m the mother of a very strong daughter, mother-in-law of two equally strong women and the grandmother of three granddaughters (including Sylvia Skerry). How could I be anything BUT a feminist??
    Great job, Sylvia

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