Williston Theatre Presents Macbeth in New Way

MacbethPoster (5)The Williston Northampton School Theatre presents the dark and thrilling Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, on April 28-30 and May 5-7. Performances begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Williston Theatre at 18 Payson Ave. General admission tickets are $5 and may be reserved at 413-529-3434 or boxoffice@williston.com.

The play tells a tragic and supernatural tale of murder and its aftermath. It has been described by some scholars as Shakespeare’s darkest work, and it addresses some of life’s deepest questions.

Director Charles Raffetto says that this production is conceptually based on an interpretation of the three witches in Macbeth as the three Fates from Greek mythology. “The Fates wove the threads of people’s lives on their loom, and that image struck me as powerfully visual,” he says. “The audience will notice this concept of rope and weaving repeated as a motif in the set and in the costuming.” He also notes that the three witches in this production are onstage for the entire show, and therefore have a more prominent presence than in many Macbeth performances. The witches are portrayed as more than just elements of the supernatural but as subtle manipulators and observers of the action.

Cast: Gabe Byrd, Emi Caligiuri, Tom Chandler, Mika Chmielewski, Oliver Demers, Lindsey Dirats, Marina Dombrowski, Ross Ewing, Kate Glowatsky, Sai He, Emma Hing, Elizabeth Howard, Sarah Hubbard, Henry Lombino, Denison Marsland-Rello, Ali O’Connor, Timi Onafowokan, Nick Pattison, Anuska Sarkar, David Simm, Jackson Skinner, Alyssa Stern, Bruna Tarraf, Alexandra Wheeler, Henry Wheeler, Hansen Yang, Kiernan Zehring

Crew: Jeff Breen, Brian Hendery, Elizabeth Howard, Sally Kitchen, Liz Lawrence, Laura McCullagh, Max Reichelt, Garrett Welson