When Mrs. Stevens Speaks…

The gathering of Williston alumni known as Wildcat Weekend took place last weekend in Mystic, CT. Once again, Kathryn and I had the pleasure of attending and sitting with Sarah Stevens. For us, meeting with alumni from the Philips Stevens years always leaves us feeling that much more connected to the school’s past—there never seems to be a shortage of stories and anecdotes.

At 96 years of age, Mrs. Stevens still commanded the attention of her “boys.” She recalled how some of those present needed to be reminded to wear neckties to the teas that took place for visiting sports teams once the competition of the day had ended. What a civilized thing to do, I thought, after a tough matchup on the gridiron against a rival school.

From another dinner companion, I learned that students always applauded their teacher for the final class of the year. I think we should bring that tradition back.

Friendships that began at Williston are now life-long relationships. These abounded at Wildcat Weekend among the 50 alumni and spouses in attendance (representing the classes 1955-67). It was wonderful to once again be a part of this marvelous turnout.

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