Senior Dinner Moment of Silence by Dean of Students Kathy Noble

As we gather together on this beautiful evening to celebrate the seniors for the first time, the great Class of 2016, I’d ask that we take a moment to remember and honor those that have come before us through the Williston gates, as they have passed onto us a wonderful legacy. May we admire their sacrifices and triumphs and appreciate their efforts on our behalves.

And looking forward, may we take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the good will, many friendships, and strong bonds that exists among so many of us in the room this evening, faculty and students alike of the Williston community. With optimistic enthusiasm, it is our hope that each of us will continue to cultivate these ties and develop many new ones during the school year ahead.

As we prepare to share a wonderful meal together, may we take a moment to reflect and express our appreciation for the many opportunities that are available to each of us at Williston and all that is good in our daily lives.

Moment of Reflection by Dean of Students Kathy Noble

We have Convocation every fall to mark the official start of school. This year is a particularly special one; as you may have noticed from all the banners around the Quad and on the Chapel, the school is celebrating its 175th year.

That’s a long history—one of the longest of all the other boarding schools in this area.

So, for my reflection today, I’d like to ask us all to think about our school history, about our own history, and to also think about how the future is simply a history that hasn’t happened yet.

Yes, we may think we know what this year will bring. We will have favorite classes and ones where we have to work a bit. We will win athletic games and loose some. We will study for finals, rest during the breaks, and eventually, celebrate with the Class of 2016 and our alumni next spring.

But although we think we know what the future brings, here’s something to remember:

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