Williston Language Students Earn High Honors

Latin and French award winners flanked by Language Department Head Beatrice Cody and French teacher Susan Michalski

Parlez-vous français? Tu Latine loquimur? 你会说中文吗? The answer to these three questions is a resounding, “Oui!” “Ita!” and “是!” when it comes to Williston students, who took top scores in national language exams recently, netting them awards in French, Latin, and Chinese.

French Awards

Nearly 80,000 students nationwide participated in Le Grand Concours National French Contest. The following students placed at the national level and regional chapter level (for Western Massachusetts and Vermont):

LEVEL 1A (French I)
Steven Wang ’20: Sixth place in Western Massachusetts and Vermont chapter, ninth in nation
Ariel Yen ’19: Seventh place in regional chapter, 10th in nation
Madhav Ambadi ’20: Seventh place in regional chapter, 10th in nation
Michelle Tu ’20: Ninth place in regional chapter
Kate Quimby ’19: Ninth place in regional chapter

LEVEL 2A (French II Honors)
Anya Rozario ’20: Ninth place in regional chapter, ninth in nation

LEVEL 3A (French III Honors)
Claire Harrison ’19: Eighth place in regional chapter

LEVEL 4A (French V Honors)
Tayah Sommer ’19: Eighth place in regional chapter

LEVEL 5A (AP French Language)
Trixie Willems ’19: Seventh place in regional chapter
Anna Willinsky ’17: 10th place in regional chapter
Alara Akisik ’17: 10th place in regional chapter

Latin Awards

Approximately 150,000 students from 50 states and 15 countries sat for the 2017 National Latin Exam. The following students received awards in honor of their success on the exam.

The following students earned a Certificate of Honorable Merit CUM LAUDE:

In Level II, Kenneth Wang ’20

In Level IV, Anabelle Farnham ’18

The following students earned a Certificate of Honorable Merit MAGNA CUM LAUDE:

In Level I, Graham Allardyce ’19

In Level II, Julia Farnham ’20 and  Dylan Fulcher-Melendy ’20

In Level III, Eric Albanese ’20 and DJ Poulin ’19

 The following student earned a Silver Medal, MAXIMA CUM LAUDE:

In Level III, Jason Albanese ’20

 With his flawless performance on the National Latin Exam this student earned a Gold Medal, SUMMA CUM LAUDE, and Perfect Paper award for the third year in a row:

In Level II, Nathaniel Markey ’20

Chinese Awards

Chinese Honor Society inductees, with Chinese teacher Rita Plouffe and Beatrice Cody (at right)

Chinese IV and AP students were inducted into membership of the National Chinese Honor Society. The National Chinese Honor Society is a scholastic organization that promotes and recognizes students who demonstrate citizenship, leadership, and community service.

The inductees received a NCHS pin and certificate. Inductees who completed the school’s Chinese program also received an NCHS Cord which will be worn at their graduation ceremony. After the ceremony a celebratory dumpling-making party was held. Simon Kim was elected president and Josh Calianos, vice president of the society.

The inductees are:

Chinese 4
Josh Calianos ’18, Sabrina Liew ’18, Simon Kim ’19, Karen Janocha ’19, and Caleb Stern ’19

Chinese AP
Francois Kaeppelin ’17, Sabrina Shao ’19, and Matthew Nguyen ’18

Congratulations, toutes nos félicitations, gratulationes, and 祝贺 to our hard-working language students!

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