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Alumni Blogroll

Social media sites created by alumni of the Williston Northampton School. Submit your own website, blog, Facebook page, or other social media links by emailing info@williston.com.


Susana Alvarez ’09: Susana Catalina – Read the daily dialogues that narrate her life.

Laura Bowman ’13: The Cheftell Blog – Storytelling through the art of food

Lindsey Dirats ’11: Adventures in Shanghai – Chronicles of life as a study abroad student in Shanghai, China.

Alexis Duseau ’12: EyeCare for Boston – A Facebook page to fundraise for Boston Strong

Mickey Meyer ’03: Video Podcast Network – Mickey’s comedy YouTube network and JASH –  Mickey’s YouTube network.

Meredith Morgan ’03: Pretty Wings – Keep up-to-date on the latest trends with Meredith, a fashion stylist.

Ilana Panich-Linsman ’02: Ilana Panich-Linsman Photography, her professional site.

Ali Potasky ’08: Denmark – Ali’s blog about her travels in Europe competing in dressage shows.

Zac Wolf ’07: Zac Wolf Photography, Zac’s professional wedding photography site and blog.


Virginia Barrett ’81: Virginia Barrett, Poetic Arts, the website for the poet, author, artist and singer-songwriter and her Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Alumni Blogroll”

  1. I attended Northampton School for Girls from 1960-65. I know there is group of us dinosaurs out there, and we need more feedback from everyone in those years. It’s great to know what recent grads are doing, but we need everyone, myself included,
    to start adding to the alumni news.

    1. Dear Maunie, you and all our other 1965 classmates should have attended our 50th reunion this last weekend. There were only 2 of us: Phyllis Lockwood and I! By contrast there were at least 25 guys from Williston ’65. A problem for keeping our class in touch is the illness of Polly Eskenazy, class secretary. Greetings to all! Mary

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