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Gabby Thomas ’15: Breaking Records

Gabby Thomas was an amazing runner during her time at Williston, and it’s no surprise she has continued to excel at Harvard. Recently, she set Harvard and Ivy League records in the 200, with one of the top five 200-meter times in the country thus far and the fastest 200 by a freshman. Here are three links from this week, all recognizing Gabby’s greatness:

Harvard University: Thomas, Smith Score Victories at Rod McCravy Memorial

Ivy League Sports: Top 5 Plays of the Week (video) Indoor Athletes of the Week


Questions for Ali Mulford ’06

Editor’s note: We love interviewing alumni and hearing the great stories you tell us, so we’ve expanded our Five Questions to a longer format. If you have stories for us, or class notes for the Bulletin, please submit them here.

“Other-worldy”–that’s how Ali Mulford ’06 describes New Zealand, her home of three years. Since her Williston days, Ali has traveled the world working with wildlife, and now works at the Wellington Zoo. In our interview series, Ali talks about what it’s like to wrestle boa constrictors with skin problems, nap with baboons, and play peekaboo with macaws.

What is your current position and what are your responsibilities?

I am the Visitor Experience Coordinator for Wellington Zoo. My day-to-day includes coordinating programmes like events and sleepovers, conditioning animals that will be a part of our contact programme, and designing and delivering new talks and other visitor products. The role is a really great one for me because I love working with both people and animals. I love being able to connect people to wildlife conservation and encourage them to make small changes in their lives that can make a big difference.

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Tarit Tanjasiri ’82: Passion at The Crema Café

The inspiration began in Thailand. As Tarit Tanjasiri explained in an interview with The OC Weekly, his father, a banker and farmer, would seek out only the best ingredients when cooking—a piece of culinary wisdom later echoed by Mr. Tanjasiri’s mentor and friend, Chef Patrick Jamon. “When you start with the best ingredients,” Mr. Tanjasiri said, “your chances of messing up goes down tremendously.”

At his Seal Beach, CA restaurant The Crema Café, Tarit Tanjasiri ’82 has been baking and cooking with passion for eight years. Read the full, two-part interview by Anne Marie Panoringan for the On the Line blog series, here and here.