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Cummings ’62 Publishes Breast Cancer Memoir

Last week Susan Cummings ’62 talked with the Daily Hampshire Gazette about her memoir, “Adventures of a One-Breasted Woman: Reclaiming My Moxie After Cancer.”

In the interview Cummings commented that she could not find any literature on life post-treatment and that was when she began to write.

“I hope people see that they can get their confidence and joie de vivre back,” said Cummings in response to what she hoped people would gain from reading her memoir.

“When something bad happens in life, you have to trust in life that good things happen as well as bad,” she said.  “Grace happens.”

Cummings, who has recently relocated from New York City to Bernardston, Mass., says she wrote her book, “in the spirit of helping other women find their own way through cancer – not to offer pat solutions or didactic advice.”


Photo courtesy of Jerrey Roberts, gazettenet.com.