Spring Athletic Awards Announced

The spring season athletic awards assembly was held on Friday, May 24, 2013. The Athletic Department presented the Blanket Award for participation followed by the George Denman Award and the Alumnae Award, which are presented to a senior boy and girl. In addition, the award winners for individual sports were announced.

The Blanket Award is given in recognition of those students who have participated on a team in every season they have been in the upper school at Williston. The following students were presented Blanket Awards at the awards assembly.

One year students

Max Risch

Two year students

Amanda Cronin, Griffin Foley

Three year students

Pat DeNuccio, Ashby McCoy

Four year students

Laura Aptowitz, Conor Archbald, Alizah Barker, David Fay, Miranda Gohh, Danny Gould, Devon Greenwood, Alec Guay, Nick Kioussis, Kirstyn Kruse, Andy Pierce, Karly Simpson, Eric Tallman, Ryan Wilkie

The George Denman Award and the Alumnae Award are presented to a senior boy and girl for general excellence in athletics, with emphasis on good sportsmanship and helpful spirit.

The Denman Bowl was awarded to Andy Pierce. Pierce, who will attend the High Point University, distinguished himself during his four years as an athlete at Williston. During the fall, he distinguished himself in the cross country program where his determination and mental toughness made him one of the top runners in New England. He earned All New England recognition in both his junior and senior years for his top 15 finishes at the NEPSAC championships. In the winter, he captained the wrestling team while earning both the MVP and Edgerton Awards for most pins. After earning All New England recognition, he then finished his career by finishing in the top 16 in his weight class at the Nationals held at Lehigh University. In the spring, he demonstrated his versatility as an athlete, by earning letters in both tennis and track and field.   He is widely considered by his coaches to be a relentless competitor, a terrific leader and a great teammate.

The Alumnae Bowl was awarded to Amanda Cronin and Karly Simpson. Cronin, who will attend Salve Regina University, has been an outstanding contributor to three teams that had a great deal of success during her two years at Williston. In the fall, she captained the girls’ varsity soccer team from her fullback position while earning both MVP honors and all league recognition. During the winter, she demonstrated her exceptional athleticism on the ice by helping to lead the girls’ varsity hockey team to two NEPSAC tournament berths. In the spring, she was a team captain and Davis Award winner on the varsity girls’ lacrosse team that lost one game during her two years at Williston. Beyond her significant achievement in our program, she is widely considered by all of her coaches a selfless teammate, a fierce and tireless competitor, and a wonderful ambassador of our athletic program.

Simpson, who will attend Trinity College, had an equally impressive career during her six years at Williston earning 14 varsity letters captaining all three of her teams as a senior. In the fall, she was an outstanding leader of the girls’ varsity soccer team.  In the winter, she captained the girls’ varsity basketball team for the past two years.  During the spring, she has been significant contributor to our girls lacrosse program. A six year letter winner, she led the team in goals, assists, and ground balls while earning All New England recognition the past three years. She is the top point scorer in our school’s history and has been a part of a program that has lost only three games in six years. Beyond her outstanding accomplishments she is widely praised by her coaches for her outstanding work ethic, her competitive fire and her exceptional leadership.

Varsity Baseball

Walter R. Miller ’41 Most Valuable Player Award – Erik Ostberg ’14

Most Improved Player Award – Max Risch ’13

Sportsmanship Award – Marquis Francois ’14

JV Baseball

Most Valuable Player Award – Terry O’Brien ’15

Most Improved Player Award – Henry Chen ’16

Sportsmanship Award – Nick Hill ’17

Boys Varsity Golf

Robert C. Varnum ’60 Most Valuable Player Award – Eric Yarrows ‘13

Most Improved Player Award – Mike Moran ’13

Sportsmanship Award – David Fay ’13

Boys JV Golf

Most Valuable Player Award –Matt Arnold ’14

Most Improved Player Award – Taiga Hashimoto ’15

Sportsmanship Award – Charlie Mercier ’14

Girls Varsity Golf

Most Valuable Player Award – Caitlin Berube ’13

Most Improved Player Award – Allie Lewis ’14

Sportsmanship Award – Zoe Lai ’13

Boys Varsity Lacrosse

Frank Dorsey Most Valuable Player Award – Jack Shumway ’13

Most Improved Player Award – Nick Staub ’14

Sportsmanship Award – Griffin Foley ’13, Danny Gould ’13

Boys JV Lacrosse

Most Valuable Player Award – James Hatch ’16, Zack Lowe ’14

Most Improved Player Award – Caleb Parker ’15

Sportsmanship Award – James Borden ’14

Boys Third Lacrosse

Most Valuable Player Award – Jackson Whitlock ’18

Most Improved Player Award – Parker Luber ’18, Bina Sweet ’17

Sportsmanship Award – David Fitch ’17

Girls Varsity Lacrosse

Davis Award for Overall Contribution – Amanda Cronin ’13

Most Valuable Player Award – Karly Simpson ’13

Most Improved Player Award – Hannah Gagnon ’14, Janelle Parker ’13

Kate Risley ’93 Sportsmanship Award – Kirstyn Kruse ’13

Girls JV Lacrosse

Most Valuable Player Award – Kenzie Possee ’15

Most Improved Player Award – Sophia Schaefer ’18

Sportsmanship Award – Julia Valine ’15

Girls Third Lacrosse

Most Valuable Player Award – Mika Sovjani ’18

Most Improved Player Award – Lily Rogers ’17, Alana Serafino ’18

Sportsmanship Award – Ava McElhone Yates ’17

Varsity Softball

Most Valuable Player Award – Laura Aptowitz ’13

Most Improved Player Award – Rachel Wender ’13

Sportsmanship Award – Miranda Gohh ‘13

JV Softball

Most Valuable Player Award – Maisy Glick ’15, Mimi Phillips ’13

Most Improved Player Award – Risa Tapanes ’18

Sportsmanship Award – A’Shaela Chaires ’18

Boys Varsity Tennis

A.L. Hepworth Most Valuable Player Award – William Flynn ’14

Most Improved Player Award –Pierre DeLiso ’13

Sportsmanship Award – Alex Kozikowski ’14

Boys JV Tennis

Most Valuable Player Award – Vasken Fereshetian ’15

Most Improved Player Award – Ethan Kimball ’14

Sportsmanship Award – Ryan Jeon ’16, Noah Jackson ’15

Girls Varsity Tennis

Most Valuable Player Award – Abbie Foster ’16

Most Improved Player Award – Toula Sierros ’16

Sportsmanship Award – Yoonji Kim ’15

Girls JV Tennis

Most Valuable Player Award – Sarah Socolosky ’14

Most Improved Player Award – Sabina Aslanova ’15

Sportsmanship Award – Umi Keezing ’15

Boys Track & Field

Frank Putnam Most Valuable Player Award – Michael Walters ’14

Most Improved Player Award – Anthony Aquadro ’15

Sportsmanship Award – Gabriel Archambault ’14, Nick Pattison ’14

Girls Track & Field

Most Valuable Player Award – Gabby Thomas ‘15

Most Improved Player Award –Joy Chen ’15, Alyssa Stevens ’16

Sportsmanship Award – Hannah Lewis ’13

Girls Varsity Water Polo

Most Valuable Player Award – Maddie Stern ’14

Most Improved Player Award –Hawley Behan ’15

Sportsmanship Award – Mary McCarthy ’15


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