Earth Day 5K Winners


We raised $133 in donations for our Sustainable Life Club/Community Garden at the Earth Day 5K on Sunday!

The winners are:

Most Participation by Dorm: John Wright
Most Participation by Grade: Juniors
Top Runner from each dorm:
194:  Insoo Kang (Mountain Bike)
JW:  Kassandra Orcutt
Ford:  Mr. Shelffo
Conant: Billy Ashenden
Hathaway: Mr. Rivers
Mem W: Ms. Evelti
Top Runner from each Grade:
Female 12:  N/A
Male 12: JJ Celentano
Female 11: Molly Zawacki
Male 11: Nick Hill* (Overall Winner, running the 5K in 18:30)
Female 10:  Sophia Schaeffer (incorrectly announced at Assembly as Maya Soley, but Maya did a great job too!)
Male 10:  N/A
Female 9: Dora Gordon and Kasandra Orcutt
Male 9:  N/A

Top Staff:
Female:  Ms. O’Connor, Director of Security
Male:  Mr. Pelliccia, Science Faculty
Top Relay Team: Ms. TalbotSyfu, Nate Gordon, Caroline Borden

Congratulations to all the runners and participants at this fun day on Galbraith. Go Wildcats!

(Results and photo courtesy Mr. Spearing)


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