Marielle McEnaney ’18 Shines on Soccer Squad

By Victoria Zingarelli ’18, Staff Writer

The newest face on the girls’ varsity soccer team, Marielle McEnaney, has been lighting up the field. Marielle, an 18-year-old post graduate, has only been at Williston for three weeks, and has had a positive impact on her fellow athletes and students.

Marielle decided to do a PG year because she got injured while she was a junior at Nausea Regional High School in Orleans, Cape Cod. She wanted another year to get stronger so she could play in college.

“I want to play soccer at the collegiate level and be successful there,” Marielle said.

Her teammates and coach have the highest praise for her play.

“She has really great speed which makes her a great outside midfielder since she is able to beat people up and down the side line,” Madison Fulcher-Melendy ’18, one of the two captains of Girls Varsity Soccer, said. “She is also really great in the air which has proven to be an asset all over the field.”

Head Coach Jen Fulcher said, “We as a team and a school are blessed to have Marielle for her work ethic and level of play.”

Her team speaks highly of Marielle’s character and determination as well, and not just what she brings during games.

“Marielle always works hard in games and practices,” Madison said. “She always goes 100% in every drill and when we are running sprints she is always one of the leaders which makes everyone around her better.”

“I think Marielle has been a great addition to Williston,” Madison added. “It is super easy to connect with her since she is always enthusiastic and nice. She definitely brings great energy to our community.”

Marielle, who plays year round and has been suiting up since she was four, is an electric player on the field and is an extreme threat to other teams because of her grit, determination, and work ethic.

For Marielle, soccer reveals a side of her that, in many ways, feels invincible.

“Soccer makes me feel untouchable and when I step onto the field a whole new side of me
comes out that is focused and determined,” she said. “It makes me feel alive and excited.”

“I live for the close games that are chippy and dirty,” she said, and added that soccer keeps her connected “to my closest friends and family.”

From cheering her teammates on during sprints to being an active participant in the classroom, she has helped the school grow.

Marielle reflected on her few weeks at Williston so far: “I have had a great experience here. Being on the soccer team I made friends fast and they are all so friendly,” she said. “Academically I will say the work load for homework every night is more than my other school had, so that is an adjustment, but being in the classes all the teachers make the learning environment so much fun.”

She hasn’t been here long, but she already has smart advice: “Make the best of the experience,” she said, “because a lot of people don’t get the opportunity we have.”

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