Athletes of the Week

Poojaa Prakash Babu ’21- Girls Varsity Cross Country

Poojaa was a major factor in the Wildcats win over Miss Porter’s School on Saturday. She continues to improve as an important member of our top varsity group.  Against Miss Porter’s, she broke into Williston’s top five for the first time this season, achieving a personal 5K record of 24:31 on our very challenging home course.  She started the season as the teams 14th finisher against Kent, and since then she has placed 9th, 6th, 6th, and now 5th for the team.  She chopped an incredible 5:03 from the first home race to the second, the most dramatic improvement on the team.  Poojaa trains hard every day and she can be counted on every Saturday to compete with intensity and determination.

Henri Bourque ’20- Varsity Football

Henri has been a pivotal player for the Wildcat’s both offensively and defensively so far this season. On Saturday, against Trinity Pawling his offensive ability was clear as he contributed from many different positions. On the day he had 102 yards receiving, a touchdown, led the team with 34 rushing yards, and also completed a pass. Henri’s ability is only part of his contributions to the team. He is a quiet, led by example type, who is always striving to better himself and his teammates on and off the field. The Wildcats will continue to look to Henri’s solid play for the rest of the season.

Dani Marquez ’18- Girls Varsity Volleyball

Dani Marquez has been a tremendous leader this year for the Wildcats. She has let her actions and her play show her teammates the right way to do things. She gives 100% effort in everything she does. Whether that is practice, a game, or picking up a teammate with quick look that says “you got this”. She demonstrates her dedication and effort by continuously working on her skills. When she finds a few moments of free time during practice she takes that time to work on her craft. In games, she is a fighter. No matter what she is working to make sure the ball does not hit the floor. She does all of this at a high level all the while playing in nearly every point of every game. Dani will continue to be an extremely valuable asset to the squad this season.

Nat Markey ’20- Boys Varsity Cross Country

Nat has had a great start this year for the Wildcats as he has made a huge jump in his performance and running since last season.  He has consistently been running in the team’s third spot this season.  His performance on Saturday was outstanding as he held off Avon’s top runner in the opening mile and through half of the race.  He made a great move in the second half to create a big gap between him and the Avon runner.  Nat finished third and this guaranteed a win for the Cats.  Nat did a lot of terrific training this past summer and has continued to push himself every day in practice while finishing all of his runs with a big smile. Nat is a great role model to all of the runners this fall and his leadership will continue to be a fire setting spark.

Sophie Weed ’18- Girls Varsity Soccer

Sophie has been a big part of the Wildcats success this season. Playing in the midfield she often provides the spark the team needs to be successful.  This week she scored a beautiful goal to lift the Wildcats over Westminster on the road.  Sophie works hard to be her best for her teammates and she consistently leads by example. Sophie’s competitive nature is contagious, and she is always exemplifying what it means to be a team first type player.

Kate McDermott ‘21- Varsity Field Hockey

Kate has had an outstanding start to her Williston career.  She’s been consistently playing on the forward line for the Wildcats and scored the lone goal in the team’s game against Ethel Walker. Kate leads by example as she is an extremely hard worker on and off the field, continuously striving to better not only herself but also her teammates. Her field hockey skills are strong to begin with but it is clear that she strives for perfection daily. She also has a great attitude day in and day out that seems to be contagious for the rest of the team. Kate will continue to be an instrumental part of the Wildcats this fall.

Will Strout ‘20- JV Football

Will was a force from his middle linebacker position on defense side against a much larger squad from Deerfield Academy.  Will led the team in tackles, forced a fumble, and had an interception.  Not only did he perform on the defensive side of the ball, but offensively he was responsible for numerous rushing yards.  Will is the spiritual leader of the team, as he brings passionate play and solid sportsmanship in addition to his superb football skill.

 Emily O’Brien ‘21 -Girls JV Soccer

Emily is a player who has displayed discipline and consistency all season for the Wildcats.  As the squads last defender, she has been both strong and smart in playing her position. She communicates well to her teammates and is a great role model of hard work. This past week she had to contain and run against many fast opponents, she stepped hard to each ball and gave every play her best. She is always playing to improve her abilities as well as her teammates.

Aidan McCreary ’19- Boys JVB Soccer

Aidan is having a strong season on defense for the Wildcats.  During the last two games he has had two very impressive performances. On Saturday, against Pomfret, his outstanding play continued as he was a pivotal performer for the Wildcats. As a leader of the defense he communicates with his teammates well and he is always ready to help other players hone their skill during games and practices.  Aidan has great instinct playing sweeper and he has proven to always be reliable in this position.


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