Athletes of the Week

Kate Holmes ’19 – Girls Varsity Hockey

Kate, a forward, has had a terrific junior season as a strong two-way player for the Wildcats.  Last week, she scored a goal and assisted on a second goal in the teams’ 2-2 tie vs. St. Paul’s. Kate plays in all types of situations and has recently started playing defense on the penalty kill, a position that is new to her.  She’s embraced this challenge like a true team player with determination, competitive fire and confidence.  Kate continues to be a go-to player for the squad and has become a leader on and off the ice.

Fuka Iwama ’18 – Girls Varsity Squash

Though new to squash, Fuka’s dedicated effort earned her a place on the varsity squash team. Steadily improving her play enabled Fuka to move from #8 to #7 to #6 on the teams’ ladder where she won two of three matches this week.  Each match went to the full five games with victories of 13-11 and 11-7 and a narrow 9-11 defeat in those decisive games.  Fuka plays hard on every point and displays grace under pressure.  She inspires all of her teammates with her example of outstanding effort and with her willingness to learn and grow as a player.

Garrett Sullivan ’18 – Boys Varsity Basketball

Garrett made a strong contribution to varsity boys basketball’s wins over Salisbury and Avon last week.  Leading the team in scoring both games, he scored 19 and 16 points respectively. His timely shot making were key to both victories for the Cats.  Garrett made seven three pointers during the week to go along with a number of strong drives to the basket.  His improved play on both ends of the floor has been critical to the team’s recent success. The Wildcats will continue to look to Garrett for his stellar play for the remainder of the season.

Marielle McEnaney ‘18- Girls Varsity Basketball

Marielle has been an impact player for the Wildcats off the bench this season. Battling back from injury to start the season she worked her way into her first start against Hotchkiss on Saturday. She managed to record an impressive 16 points and 13 rebounds, leading the squad to victory. Against talented teams from Cushing and Deerfield she put up 6 points and 8 rebounds, and another 8 rebounds respectively. Marielle brings a contagious, positive attitude to practice every day, and by doing so, sets a great example for the rest of the girls on the team.

Chance Asbornsen ’22 – Boys 4ths Basketball

All year teammate Cam Huntley has been preaching “heart over height” and on Saturday against a much larger MacDuffie team Chance Asbornsen lived up to the motto. Chance had several rebounds at critical points in the game and helped set a positive tone. Chance had 6 big points in the second half to help the team rally. Additionally, Chance held his ground in the paint, boxing out and causing multiple over the back calls on MacDuffie. Chance brings a positive attitude day in and day out and his team first mentality is contagious to the rest of the squad.

Michelle Tu ’20 – Girls JV Squash

Michelle continues to express mental toughness during her squash games. Determined to practice and learn from her mistakes, Michelle has made tremendous progress this season. Even when the games are close, she plays every point. Last week, in her last game against Suffield, she proved that by staying mentally tough, she could win the overall match. She played with a newfound energy that ended the game with a win. She provides great support for her teammates, further demonstrating her team first mentality.

Kyle Grabowski ‘20–Boys JV Basketball

Kyle has had a significant impact for the Wildcats during the first half of this season. He is great on the offensive end of the floor as he has led the team in scoring this season. Kyle has averaged 15 points per game in the last four games. Kyle’s greatest strength is his consistency. He always brings his best effort and has consistently improved his game over the course of the season. Kyle’s work ethic is second to none, and through this he has led his team by example all season.

Luke Po ‘20– Boys JV Squash

Luke has led the way for the Wildcats the entire season. He earned the number 1 ranking for the team early this winter, and he has played some excellent squash ever since.  He won a competitive match against Eaglebrook’s number 1 this past week, and he fought hard in all of his matches against talented opponents. He has a promising future with the sport, and he is eager to improve in every practice session. The team will continue to look to Luke to be a big part of their success.


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