Athletes of the Week

Fiona Bundy ‘18- Girls Varsity Basketball

Fiona has been a crucial part of the girls varsity basketball team’s success this season, as she has led the defensive efforts all year. She leads her team positively as she has taken numerous charges, has forced several turnovers and, in addition, is a fierce rebounder. She consistently matches up with the opponent’s best players, often holding them to ten points or less. Not only has she been key on defense, but she always chips in by scoring timely points and clutch offensive rebounds. Her gutsy, “team first” play has been key down the stretch for the squad against tough teams from WMA and Pomfret. Fiona has been a tremendous captain for the team on and off the court, and always brings a positive attitude which is contagious for the rest of her teammates.

Caleb Cost ’18– Boys Varsity Basketball

Caleb has played a vital role in varsity boys basketball’s successful season.  His consistency of effort, positive spirit, and “team first” mentality have been crucial. As has been the case all winter, Caleb came off the bench in wins over St. Paul’s and Andover this past weekend to make a number of winning plays whether it was a big rebound, great defense or a timely three pointer. Caleb is a great teammate and a tremendous young man to coach because of all the intangibles he brings to the team each day.

Sydney Joyce ’19- Girls Varsity Swimming

Sydney has performed unbelievably well in the pool this season for the Wildcats, and is, without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons for the team’s success. On Saturday, she broke her second school record of the year. The first being a record set by Sydney last season in the 500 free at the Westminster dual meet earlier this year. The second was a record that had been held for 21 years, the oldest standing female record at Williston. She has lost only one race all season leading the team to an undefeated season so far. Sydney is always working to improve herself in and out of the pool. Her work ethic is contagious for the rest of the girls on the squad.

Andikan Ntia-James ’18- Varsity Wrestling

Andikan has had a very successful season for the varsity wrestling team. This past weekend, he won his league championship tournament. He did so while wrestling up a weight class in the heavy weight division, defeating a 280 lbs. opponent, despite only weighing in at 205 lbs. He has worked hard to better his technique, always soaking up as much information as he can, and to improve his fitness. It is clearly paying off, as he consistently beats his opponents by outlasting and technically picking them apart. He exemplifies true sportsmanship as he routinely befriends his opponents after pinning them. Andikan is a great teammate, as he is always inspiring and encouraging all those around him to achieve all they can.

Bix Von Goeler ’23 – Boys Fourths Basketball

Bix has had a great season for the Wildcats 4ths basketball team. In the game against WMA on Saturday, he had his best showing yet, setting the tone on the defensive end against a talented WMA team. Bix led the way in the hustle stats, including grabbing crucial rebounds, making smart passes and getting his teammates involved in the game. Bix will continue to grow due to his determination and fantastic attitude on the court.

Sonia Whitman ’21- Girls JV Squash

On Saturday, in the Wildcats second bout with Suffield this season, Sonia was determined to play hard and bring her best to the match. In her last match against Suffield, she came up short, but that would not be the case the second time around, as she took home the victory in 5 games. She played a strong match and took in advice in between games to adjust some of her strategies. In addition to her stellar play, she always expresses great sportsmanship on and off the courts and always brings a positive, ready to learn attitude during practice and games. Sonia leads by example as her teammates appreciate her humility and the skills she brings to the team. 

Bruton Strange ‘22- Coed Squash

Bruton played an amazing five-game match on Saturday against rival Bement School. He played tirelessly throughout the first game with a series of drop-shots to win with a 16-14 score, the longest thirds game in many years. Throughout the remaining four games, he used a variety of serves, t-shots, and drives to challenge his opponent and keep her guessing about where he would be next on the court. Saturday’s match served as an example of Bruton’s commitment and talent that he regularly brings to the team’s practices, which provides a fantastic example to the rest of his teammates.

Irina Malladi ‘21 –Girls JV Basketball

Irina has been one of the Wildctas most consistent defensive players this season, but this past week against MacDuffie and Pomfret, she upped her defensive intensity to a new level, harassing those teams’ guards into many turnovers. In addition to her tenacious defense, she is also a great teammate who gives 100% at every practice.  Though she is not one of our offensive leaders, she did score 6 points in our exciting, double-overtime loss to Hotchkiss. Irina will continue to be a vital piece to the team’s success this season.


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