Academic Dean Gregory Tuleja Is a Poet Among Us

williston dean greg tulejaWilliston’s Academic Dean Gregory Tuleja is also a published poet whose latest accomplishment, a poem entitled “I Saw,” has been included on page 119 of The Poetry Ark Anthology, an e-book of poetry. The Poetry Ark, an online community where readers vote for their favorite poems, organized the competition in which poems were selected for the anthology.

Poetry Ark editors William Keens and Brian Lemond designed the competition “to gauge the vitality of English-language poetry in an increasingly digital milieu and to test the environment for new models for participation and evaluation.” With the completion of the competition and the publication of their anthology, they declare that “English-language poetry is alive and well.”

From more than 3,000 poems submitted to the contest, the Poetry Ark presented 358 poems online to readers through a series of “rounds.” The online community of 9,800 people from 96 countries reviewed and ranked the poems to determine the 100 poems featured in the digital anthology, of which Mr. Tuleja’s poem was one.

Mr. Tuleja has also been published in The Best of Travel Writing from the Lonely Planet Press, The California State Poetry Society, The Maryland Review, Romantics Quarterly, and Mathematics Magazine. His poem “Schoenberg Started It” was featured in the Fall 2011 Bulletin after its original publication in Thema Literary Journal.