Starzyk ’13 Sets All-Time Scoring Record

Alexandra Starzyk had no idea why Athletic Director Mark Conroy was calling her name during assembly. The varsity ice hockey player knew that she had done well over the course of her senior season, but had no idea that in the course of the season she’d also set new school records.

So, when Mr. Conroy announced that Ms. Starzyk had reached a career 100 goals—something only three girls had done before—and, at 119 points, was the new all-time leading scorer, she was amazed.

“I had no idea I was on my way to reaching 100 goals,” Ms. Starzyk explained later via email. “Until they called my name in assembly, I was unaware I held the record for most points by merely one.”

Ms. Starzyk first started competing on Williston’s varsity hockey team in the 8th grade. As a 14-year-old, she recalled being “intimidated and somewhat frightened” of the towering seniors who were her teammates. But, she said, the other players treated her kindly—not as a new kid, but as an equal.

“I was given respect and have cherished every girl that has skated through our program,” she wrote. “It has been my pride and joy to play on this team.”

As a freshman, playing forward, Ms. Starzyk racked up 16 goals and 13 assists (19 points in total) to tie with teammate Kathryn Tomaselli ‘12 as the team’s leading scorer. Ms. Tomaselli would go on to score her 100th goal during her senior year. At the time, she was only the second girls varsity hockey player to do so, and was recognized on the ice for her achievement. The first had been Mackenzie Lee ’06, who also held the all-time scoring record of 118 points.

Unlike Ms. Tomaselli, though, Ms. Starzyk never realized she had reached her 100th goal. What she later realized, she said, was that Christa Talbot, the girls varsity hockey coach, had kept the milestone quiet for a reason.

“Since I was never congratulated for it I easily assumed I hadn’t done it,” Ms. Starzyk wrote. “Now, seeing how early on in the season I reached 100 points, it is clear my coach didn’t want to put any unneeded pressure on me.”

Ms. Starzyk’s 100th goal actually occurred during a holiday tournament game against Nobles and Greenough, the eventual New England Champions. When teammate Maddy Jerolman ’15 won the puck during the opening faceoff, Ms. Starzyk picked it up in the neutral zone, took a shot, snagged the rebound, and pushed the puck past the goalie.

“Alex was definitely surprised the puck went in,” Coach Talbot later recalled. “The goal elevated her and her teammates to play one of our best games of the year.”

Ms. Talbot said Ms. Starzyk had always been a strong force on the offensive line, but had stepped up this year to be a leader on the team.

“She plays in all situations and she creates a lot of offensive opportunities for herself and her teammates,” Ms. Talbot said. “Alex is gifted with excellent hands and a great shot.”

Ms. Starzyk, who finishes with 57 goals and 62 assists for her career, also unknowingly beat Ms. Lee’s record to set the new all-time scoring record for Williston by a single goal.

Next year, Ms. Starzyk will play Division III hockey at St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH where Coach Talbot said she will be a “tremendous asset to their group.”

What Ms. Starzyk will carry with her to college, she said, are the lessons learned from her coaches and teammates about dedication, commitment, and selflessness.

“Being part of something larger than myself, more important than me or my wants, is what this program has taught me,” she wrote. “[It] is an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life. “

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  1. Congrats to Alexandra Starzyk, a great accomplishement and another Enfield power, showing who’s Boss!! Awesome!

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