Classics Day at Mount Holyoke College

Williston students at the certamen (trivia) contest

The 2011 Classics Day at Mount Holyoke College drew more than 300 Latin students from area high schools for a day of workshops and competition. Williston students regularly participate in this event, which is held annually at one of the Five Colleges. Classics Day celebrates the study of Latin and classical culture.

The following students won honors at Classics Day:

1st place – Latin I certamen (trivia)
Ben Greeman ’15
Lena Gandevia ’15
Hannah Lewis ’13
Kelly O’Donnell ’13

1st place – poster contest
Elyssa Katz ’15

1st place – model contest
Laura Bowman ’13

2nd place – model contest
Josh Simpson ’15 and Chase Tanguay ’15

2nd place – novice level oration contest
Lucas Ferrer ’16