Name that Teacher

attachmentThe library is holding a Faculty Photo Display and ID Contest, which is bound to challenge Williston Northampton’s students after the Winter Break. Teachers are being asked to chose a photo of themselves from their high school years and to write a brief piece about their teens.

The display will be on a large board in the library. The photos, unidentified, will be numbered and arranged randomly. The written pieces will be signed and posted unconnected to the pictures. Some photographs will be obvious and some will be a bit tougher to identify. The library staff will announce the winner, and then the teachers’ names will be posted, identifying each photo.

The last time the library staff held this contest over five years ago, the students competed fiercely to win. Librarian Mary Paige shared some of her favorite quotes and memories:

“I’m going to win this contest!”
–Sadiki Francis ’02

And he did!

“This is so moving, one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at Williston.”
Liz Cohen-Scheer ’08 (with her hand over her heart)

“And then there’s the memory of Johnny O’Connor ’08, standing transfixed in front of the photos for hours. I never determined whether he was so fascinated by the youthfulness of his teachers or so challenged by facial recognition that he couldn’t fathom who the heck was up there,” laughed Ms. Paige.

So who is that nattily dressed young man in the picture? Let him know you recognize him, and that he’s stylish still.