Commencement 2012: Senior Awards

The following are the senior recipients of Williston Northampton’s top awards, including three awards presented in ceremonies earlier in the week, the senior awards that are presented each year during Commencement (and voted on by the full faculty), and Williston Northampton’s top three awards: Galbraith prize, the White Blazer award, and the Valedictory prize.

The Senior Athletic Awards, presented during the May 29 assembly, are given to outstanding young men and women for “General participation in athletics, with a special emphasis being placed upon faithful training, good sportsmanship, helpful spirit, and loyal devotion to the best interests of the school”

The recipient of The George Denman Award was Daniel Rowe.

The recipient of Alumnae Bowl was Bridget Instrum.

For her work in the Williston Scholars course “Contemporary Art and  Culture,” an award of distinction is given to Sarah Hubbard.

The following are the Senior Prizes, awarded each year at Commencement, as voted by the full faculty. The awards were presented on June 2 by Head of School Robert W. Hill III.

The Henry Teller Prize, in memory of a history teacher and choral conductor, 1947-1983, is awarded to that person in the Williston Northampton community who by active example encourages intercultural understanding and good will.  This year the prize is given to: Midori Tagawa.    

The Henry E. Donais, Jr., ’59 Award is presented to a senior who has “manifested a love of the natural world and who has taken an active interest in the protection and preservation of the world’s environmental resources.” This year the prize is given to: Joseph Newlin.

The Tim Wallis, Class of 1962 Prize was established in memory of an English Speaking Union exchange student at Williston. The prize is given at Commencement to that senior “who gets much from the school because he or she puts much in.”  This year the prize is given to: Connor Sheehan

The Class of 1942 Prize is awarded in recognition of “Outstanding Service to the School.”  This year the prize is given to: Sarah Hubbard

 The George H. Higgins Prize is given to “that student in the graduating class who has displayed outstanding character in school life.”  This year the prize is given to: Kevin Conroy

The Katherine M. Ockenden, Class of 1949 Prize is given to that senior who “in the opinion of the faculty has contributed moral, positive leadership.”  This year the prize is given to Lauren O’Connor.

The Westcott E. S. Moulton Award, honoring a member of the Class of 1927 and Williston Alumni Secretary, 1961-1973, is presented to that member of the senior class who has shown a high degree of effort in publications, sportsmanship, leadership, and community involvement leading to continued loyalty and interest as an alumna or alumnus.  This year the award is given to Andrew White.

The L. G. Treadway Citizenship Prize, established by Richard Treadway, Class of 1932, in honor of his father, is awarded to a senior who has been at the school for at least two years, has maintained a strong scholastic standing, and has given promise of future achievement.  The chief qualities to be considered are personal integrity and contributions made to the best citizenship of the school.  This year the prize is awarded to Sarah Wilkie.

The Joseph Sawyer Memorial Prize, honoring the seventh Headmaster of Williston Seminary, 1886-1919, is awarded to a young man who has made outstanding contributions to the intellectual and community life of the school.  This year the prize is awarded to Hansen Yang.

The Dorothy Bement Prize, honoring a co-founder of The Northampton School for Girls, is given to the young woman who has exhibited excellence in her academic endeavors and in her contributions to citizenship and the overall life of the school.  This year the prize is awarded to Addison Coley.

The Archibald V. Galbraith Prize, honoring the eighth Headmaster of Williston Academy, 1919-1949, is awarded to that young man who in academics, athletics, and citizenship is exemplary, representing that which is best in the school.  The Galbraith prize is awarded this year to Adrian Mendoza.

The Sarah B. Whitaker Prize, honoring a co-founder of the Northampton School for Girls, and co-Principal, 1924-1962, is also known as the White Blazer award.  The White Blazer is given to the young woman who has distinguished herself with the greatest contributions to the academic, athletic, and community life of the school while exhibiting exemplary leadership and integrity.  The White Blazer is awarded this year to Katherine Cavanaugh.

The Valedictory prize is awarded to the first scholar of the class. It is a combination of two awards from an era in the school’s history, when the Edmund H. Sawyer Prize was given for work in the classical curriculum and the Horatio G. Knight Prize was given for work in the scientific curriculum.  These prizes are now combined into one.  It honors the student who by record of performance during the senior year is judged by the faculty to be pre-eminent in academic achievement.   This year the recipient of the Valedictory prize is:

Congratulations to the Class of 2012.

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